How To Gain The Confidence And Trust Of Others

Pursuing success without a purpose is chasing after the wind more especially when one does so without skill and intelligence. Certain fundamental factors if applied would further enhance the chances of achieving ones goal. Anybody can initiate success but to attain greatness one needs another. We all need somebody to work with, co-operate with, follow or even lead, these cannot happen in an atmosphere of distrust. Two cannot work together unless they agree; it is very easy to agree when there is a sense of trust. Below are tips that can help you win the trust of others as well as make people trust you.

#1 Be self confident. The level of trust people place in you is highly influenced by the confidence you portray. However this doesn’t suggest that you put up false confidence which is disproportional to you abilities. Believe in yourself, let it show by your confidence and you will gain the trust of you require. There are a thousand and one things people do to lift their confidence, like having a face lift, changing the car, buying a new house e.t.c. All these might actually enhance self confidence on a particular aspect. Getting acquainted with every detail related to what you do (care for) can and will effectively increase the level of confidence you have in your ability and further raise self confidence. People trust you when you are confidence

#2 Be consistent: inconsistency is somehow viewed as mediocrity. People put little trust in those who deliver now fail the other time. Have you ever thought about this or even asked yourself why people deteriorate in performance after putting so much to get to their clinical best they make strong decisions not to return to mediocrity but still do? One reason could be that they failed to realize that success is a continuum fueled by constant will and effort to improve. Knowing that you have been consistent over time will build confidence in you that will in turn make others trust your abilities.

#3 keep your word: being true to your word is a much desired virtue, it shows integrity. The fastest way to lose the trust people have in you is by saying a thing and not living up to it. Yes, there are lots of reasons why people can’t keep their word, because we are humans we can’t foresee event and situations that could make us renege on our word. But when it comes to what lies within our authority and ability we have to practice discipline and show integrity by ensuring our words don’t create false hope and confidence. Of course that’s what stands us out as people of integrity (people to be trusted). Let your word be your bond and not your excuse.

#4 Be intelligent: it is common sense to trust in someone you see as intelligent but it is folly to trust in the confidence of the imprudent. Intelligence doesn’t necessarily point to one being a genius; it involves in simple terms being able to master-mind and utilizes even the minutest detail of information to achieve desired objective. It is wisdom if intelligence is applied correctly, collectively these steps will certainly build in you the confidence that draws the trust of others to your favor.

#5 Be successful: success finds favor and trust easily. “To find his place and fill it is success for a man. –Brooks” the more successful you become in what you do the more confident you are of your skill. And remember “skill brings success.”

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