Growing Right: Self Improvement Tips For Right Development

Every caterpillar is in reality a butterfly if it develops rightly –Grecu.

Man created in God’s image has a design of exhibiting greatness in carrying out his duties and responsibilities. However, in the process of growth and development many lose understanding of their functional design. To exhibit true greatness one must first understand oneself and purpose. Every tree is planted with the intention of growing to bear the right kind of fruit, but some don’t.

It is in the hand of every man to take personal responsibility of his development. With this in mind, how can one make oneself develop rightly? One must first recognize that one has in him the capacity to develop according to original design.

Already, what everyone needs to grow is in him, only that some fail to discover it. No man is born into this world whose work is not born with him. Before a farmer plants a seed, he weighs, accesses and examines the seed to certify its potency to grow and become. Every tree has the potential to produce its intended plant or tree with application of the right resources.

Know your source, attach to it and derive the most from it. You have to know yourself well enough to know what will enhance your development. A man who fails to discover and identify with his source of development will suffer deprivation.

Utilize your opportunity of development to develop others, true growth and development is shown when your development is a source of development to others. Make your development evident by contributing to the development of others.
Light up your path to development with information. He that seeks to become the best must have reasonable knowledge of the existing best.

Finding Purpose in Active Service

Lots of question has been asked about purpose but very few have asked about service. Purpose hasvirtually everything to do with service. Many a great men that have walked the face of the earth found their purpose in active service of humanity and by so doing made great impacts that can’t be forgotten in a hurry. One sure way of discovering purpose is by engaging in active service; service that is not prompted by ulterior motives or agenda.

Motives matter a lot, right goals with wrong motives when achieved does not yield the required impact because the motives are wrong. King Solomon asked for wisdom and he received in addition wealth, and all round peace; his motives were right. A lot of people try to cash on that method to no avail; their motives are not sincere (the giver – God searches and knows the heart).

Service creates an opportunity to discover our strength, to perfect them and to improve our weak points. When one shows faithfulness with a given opportunity, more is given him, service creates that opportunity to prove faithfulness.

The lists are endless of men who found their ultimate purpose in active service, these men never started with intention of getting their names into history books. But they served to improve lives and create positive atmosphere for themselves and others. The desire for improvement leads to creative ideas that
will really impact lives.

Service is the price you pay for the space you occupy. To find purpose, discover service.


The Dynamics Of Opportunity

Success or failure is highly influenced by opportunity. But how? You may ask. For every attempt to achieve an aim there is an equivalent opportunity. With the application of wisdom, skill and the right principles we consciously put ourselves in the path of opportunity.

There is the possibility as well as the opportunity to achieve the most of what we should each day. I think whatsoever we need to achieve our purpose is available to us by providence. It only takes understanding, a little bit of wisdom, and some divine direction to see and use the myriad of possibilities that elude us daily. He that sees what others do not see gets to solve more problems as well as achieve more.
Opportunity works like crane, each one used serve as a platform for another. Each missed, will in one way or the other hamper the success of forthcoming ones. That is why it’s always necessary to make the most out of available opportunity.
There are always two dimensions about opportunity. It either results in success or failure, depending on how one handles it. There is no in between, you either utilize it or you lose it. But be rest assured that the opportunity you did not take when you could might come back to hunt you.

Opportunity can be created. As one can create a pleasant atmosphere out of a repulsive one by aerating it, the same is analogous to creating opportunity. By identifying the possibility of what can be achieved and working towards it, we create the opening for that to be achieved.

A times, opportunities get to those who least deserve it while it eludes those who most deserve it (it’s natural anyway). This is where you need to be creative in applying the idea in the preceding paragraph. Most regrets we face in life are mostly as a result of the opportunity we fail to use.

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