How To Maximize Opportunity By Utilizing Time Effectively

Two of the most valuable resources a person can get are time and opportunity.Not everyone can put themselves to work in doing what it takes to be successful.
It is quite easy to come to terms with the fact that life has stages and
as the stages vary so does the type of opportunity. So a wise
person must not fail to condition and reposition himself to meet up.

Lack of opportunity is not an ultimate excuse to fail. This post will be highlighting certain guidelines which if taken will help you maximize and use two of the most important resources that could help materialize success you desire.

Opportunity and time are not the only factors in the equation of success.
“There are many ways to die but you have to figure out a way to live”. In addition I will state that “there are many ways to achieve success but the principle remains the same”. I made clear how easy it is to miss opportunity. I will attempt to relate time with opportunity to address the issues of opportunity.

1. Know that achievement can be harnessed or hampered by one’s time
management ability. The attitude of “there is not enough time now...” doesn’t tend to results. It only creates the in you the habit of procrastination, that's not what you want. Never leave for tomorrow what you can do today. The things that really matter are the ones we regard as having little or no impact. But these are the things that on the long run will decide our efficacy.

2. Know your priorities and set them out right: a purpose without a plan will
only tend to disappointment and failure. No matter how skillful and
effective one seems to be, there is always insufficient time to carry out
all the work one has to do. It is easy to stray from purpose when
there is no laid out plan. Apply the 20% to 80% principle (try to
achieve more in less time), it's quite demanding however, the results are quite impressive.

Effective time management begins with having the right goals and programming yourself to achieve it with time. It is a bit demanding to take stock of daily activities, however, you will experience real achievement in your personal life if you set daily goals and strive to achieve them.

3. Avoid procrastination: procrastination is the one of the most
common obstacles to achievement. Everyday comes with opportunity which if missed would require getting round the cycle again (let alone time lost) procrastination
is laziness and it is dangerous. The less you do the less you want to do.

4. Understand the cycle of events and opportunity especially that which
you seek.

5. Learn from your mistakes and success, but more from the experience
of others.

6. Focus on your strength while working on your weakness. You can maximize your strength and minimize your weakness by reducing your dependence on the weakness.

7. Be accountable for every time you use. Time is not just money, it is
your life.

8. Avoid wasting opportunity. The loss of presently available
opportunity will definitely result to the miss of future opportunity.
Present opportunity is a criteria for utilizing forth coming

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