Utilizing Opportunities: Learn How To Value Opportunities As Well As Use Them

It is very easy to miss opportunity

It is just one decision away.

It is just a waive of the head away.

It just takes a second of ignoring a chance to lose an opportunity.

Opportunities do not come as we expect them; they show up rough and vague seeming as problems.

When we ask God for a blessing he literally gives it to us without hesitation in the likes of opportunity.

But in our shallow thinking and inability to understand we often overlook and reject our God given opportunity for receiving the blessing we seek. It is very easy to miss opportunity. Many are the opportunities that come to man but often he does little or nothing to use them (that is if he even notices them).

Problems do not sound like opportunities do they? I learned this from a wise man that problem should not be seen as much as walls or obstacles to accomplishment than gates that lead to success which has to be opened and passed through.

In other words it would only be reasonable in a positive light to see problems as potential opportunities.

Oh come on, you will say; problems are problems and opportunities are opportunities. You are right in saying so, but I have come across many problems and I believe you have too. If you would take a moment to look closely, you will find in each of those problems lie an opportunity begging to be noticed.

It is very easy to miss opportunity, it is also very easy to rue over missed opportunity. However, it’s sadly funny how we repeat this horrible cycle of losing and rueing and losing another opportunity again. Hence, I quote Mr. Albert Einstein “only two things are infinite, the universe and man stupidity, and am not sure about the former.

We must learn to see each opportunity as a chance, too costly to pay its price when lost, that way we would be motivated to do what we can and should to pursue as well as use opportunities.


Words Of Wisdom

Situation will be the way it is until we do something about it.

The Laws of success do not permit lukewarmness; if you are lukewarm you lose.

There is no success without an earnest desire that drives one…

You don’t grow when you train without competing.

A goal without an action plan is just a dead dream.

What happens to us is not the problem but what we do after it. Where do you look for solution and how too?

We are not deceived with what we don’t like but with that which we want.

You never know what you are capable or incapable of until you encounter a real

Anticipate problems and attack them before the reverse happens to you.

To the wise, problems spot out imperfection that must be worked on or perhaps perfected.

To the rather foolish, problems signify obstacles that must be turned away from.

Reason on this statement and give me your comment:

“The first fool is not a fool, the second fool is”

The wise person learns not only from his experiences but more from the experience of others.


What Is success?

Everyone living under the face of the sun has goals, desires and expectations they want to achieve. But there is one common goal that virtually everyone wants to achieve, and that common goal is success.

It is interesting to know that this common goal vastly vary in viewpoint. Meet three persons and ask
each one what success is, you will get contrasting answers from each person.

What does that tell you? It tells me that virtually everyone has their own definition of success.

Hence the question:What Is Success?

To some people success mean living in a big house and riding expensive cars.

To others it is the acquisition of material things and the possession of unending wealth.

Some say it is having a happy family: a loving wife or husband with obedient and well to do children.

Yet others see success as living a happy life, free from debt and disease as well as affording whatsoever
they want.

There are those who see success as coming out of their present predicament and stepping unto an improved, comfortable echelon.

Still some equate success to being proficient in their field, and having others look up to them as very important, such that cannot be done without.

There are yet others who see success as being where they ought to be at every stage of life, not missing opportunities and achieving the goals they set to achieve.

As it stands, what one see as success can be seen as not a success by another.

Can success be defined by one of the above descriptions, or are we missing it when it comes to knowing what it really means to be successful in life? It is yet to be known if any of the above imagery matches
the true meaning of success.

To get an idea of what I mean, ask you this question and try to answer it:
What must I be or have right now to be termed as living a life of success?

I guess you answered sincerely and if you did, what did your answer tell you about your perception of success?

Despite the different views about success, one fact remains true: everyone has a goal to be successful.

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