Today is the day, take it.
It has with it enough opportunity to achieve your earnest desire.

Today is a seed, sow it.
The brain that sows not corn plants thistles.

Today is the best, enjoy it.
Live the moment not for the moment, make the best of every opportunity.

Today is your chance, embrace it.
Opportunity is a haughty goddess who wastes no time with those who
are unprepared.

Today is a gift, give it.
It’s always coming back to you whatever you give.

Today has a lesson, learn it.
Never turn down an opportunity to improve your life by learning.

Today is the tomorrow you hoped for yesterday and may become the yesterday you will look back on

Everyday is a seed; you have the seed or at least the potential to generate the seed that can grow any
good you so desire. There are opportunities in plenty to achieve your earnest goals. There is no lack of
opportunity for service. As for success; that will take root once the right seeds are sown.
Welcome to SEEDS of SUCCESS. Take a step to consciously improve yourself.

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