Everything is risky, if you look at the problems you see difficulty, if you focus on the possibilities you will find opportunity.


Risk of Losing The Gain

Beware of the statement, ‘You have nothing to lose’. That statement is highly questionable. One who has nothing to lose in pursuit of what he wants is really poor. Because one rule of getting is giving, which may come most times as loss. If nothing is lost, in most cases nothing can be gained. Therefore I question the popular belief ‘you have nothing to lose but all to gain’. No no, I say that’s robbery. If you really have nothing to lose, then you are really poor, in fact you should be avoided because you are dangerous. Nothing to lose? Not family, not personality, not character, not comfort?
If you put in nothing you can only take out nothing. If nothing is lost, nothing can be gained. Be careful with this statement however. Because most people think it the other way round, for them to gain, some other must lose. Not true. The loss is not from another but a sacrifice you pay to gain the good you seek. You may lose comfort, some privileges and in most cases some valuables in pursuit of what you want. Living in such denial does no good to the gain. Don’t be faked out with the claim that you have nothing to lose. Such denial will only lead to greater loses. But the key is knowing that which you have, your values and valuables and to treat them as such. So you don’t stand the risk of losing the greater good for lesser gains.
The quickest way to lose your valuables is not to know that you have one.
The only set of people in our beautiful earth who really have nothing to lose lay fast at rest; even when clad with the most gorgeous clothing or adorned with costly pearls they really don’t care. They alone really have nothing to lose. But until the living attain the inevitable, we all have something to lose.


Seed of the Day

D is for Decision.
Let your decision determine your actions and reactions, thus your destiny, not your condition. Let your decision decide, not your condition.


Quote of the Day

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
                           Mahatma Gandhi


Seed of the Day

F is for Focus.
If you focus on your need alone, you will get it. But that doesn't make you any bigger. If you fashion your activity to meet the need of many, you can have more than you ordinarily need.


Seed of the Day

A is for Accountability: Knowing what comes in, what goes out, how it does and why. Accountability is arguably the first port of call for every leader. For some it's with resources, it may be money or even people. Whatever the case may be for you, take the responsibility to see that by your care and effort, you can account for them all.
Don't allow negligence rob you of the good you stand to gain. You can't take that risk in leadership, it's too costly.

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