How To Motivate Yourself For Sustained Peak Performance!

Someone once expressed the view that if organizations hired motivated people they would be able to spend less time focusing on how to motivate and reward employees.

While I agree in spirit to that statement, I do feel that the individuals sustained acts that are recognized and appreciated serve as on going fuel in ones’ gas tank of life.
Here are ten proven simple strategies for remaining energized and motivated in the work place as a managerial-leader. Consider:

1. Completion – psychology reveals that ones’ mind must see completion or accomplishment to energy expanded. If one works on project(s) and at the end of the day, nothing quantifiable is accomplished, it becomes harder and harder to sustain that same level, not mention an increased level, of commitment and enthusiasm toward the project. It is natural for the mind to divert energies toward other matters, when it does not see results. So, a simple, silly yet meaningful example would be to make sure that every day your schedule is loaded with something that you can look back upon at the end of the day as having accomplished, a this or a that!

2. Limit Exposure To People – limit the amount of time you spend around those people that are ‘takers’ and not ‘givers’ of energy. Engaging individuals that tend to be energy drainers, negative perspective oriented and toxic personalities are sure-fire ways of having energy drained from you. Have a strategy for engaging them that allows you to engage and escape quickly. As detailed in ENOUGH ALREADY: 50 Fast Ways To Deal With, Manage And Eliminate Negativity At Work And Home, I have found that by limiting your exposure to these types of people you will remain motivated and energized more often!

3. Limit Exposure To Things – limit the amount of time you spend on projects, activities, committees or things that are ‘takers’ and not ‘givers’ of energy. Participating in some of those ‘things’ that one does not always have to engage in, tend to be energy drainers of you. Have a strategy that will tell you when to engage, participate and when to bite ones’ tongue, shut up and or not even show up to the event! You will find that by limiting your exposure to these types of ‘things’ you will remain motivated and energized more often!

4. Personal Mission Statement Focus – individuals with defined self purpose as Stephen Covey called it in his best selling book, 7 Habits Of Highly Successful People, are in fact successful and live in greater self harmony because they gravitate toward those things and people that have connection with what they are about. This serves as a self fulfilling energy depositor!

5. Professional Mission Statement Focus – so too would hold true for truly effective professionals, they arrive in the work place with clarity of purpose that holds self- meaning and when engaged in actions that serve this purpose, they too seem to become more energized and thus motivated!

6. Master Mind Group – famed business man of the mid 1900’s Napoleon Hill in the classic book, Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude, called it ones’ personal board-of-directors, to surround yourself with like professionals that you can draw upon for open, candid and confidential input in times of high and low will be a powerful force personally. Your Master Mind Group will serve as a constant source of inspiration and motivation to you and your causes!

7. Other Person Focused – whether referred to as servant leadership or customer focused, when you understand what is held to be truly meaningful to the other person in the work place and you can assist them in attaining that, you will find them a more willing participant in your circles. This willingness feeds your energy and the two of you become more moved and motivated in your actions…energies are working together and not against one another!

8. Don’t Argue – without question, the fastest way to drain ones’ energy level, increase ones’ negative self talk and reduce forward momentum both in the now and contribute toward possible future obstacles, is to engage in an argument with another person in a professional environment. Just recognize in most arguments there are two critical questions: Who gets exhausted? Who gets energized? This will aid as a good guidepost toward future engagements for sustained enthusiasm!

9. Just Do It – as the mantra goes, so to do winners! Procrastination and the act of ‘excuse-it is’ can both hold one back from victory and victories serve as energy depositors, the act of waiting, holding back, putting off and just simple procrastination on those tasks, issues, etc. which one must address only serve to be powerful demotivators. It is like building a daily ‘to do list’ and putting the ugly task to last, it only serves to ruin an otherwise great day and will ensure that you go about that matter with only have your energy level … load that type of activity into the day after some thing great and before something great and even it will be done with great motivation. And as a leader, remember ‘model’ the behaviors they see exhibited from you!

Finally, anybody can be motivated, it's all about the choice you make and the decision you take.


Be The Head That You Are...

Most people live like the tail, where as they actually are suppose to be the head.

What you don't know stops from getting what you should get. Live like the head you are and take total responsibility of your affairs...

Knowing that you are in charge of your affairs and responsible for the situation about you gives you a sense of authority...

How to Commit to Your Success Plan!

Achieving personal success means making a commitment that you WILL be successful. Are You “TRYING” or are you committed to succeeding in a home-based business?

We must make our intention very clear if we are going to acquire personal success as well as financial freedom! We simply cannot manifest anything until we eliminate the “trying” energy and replace it with the pure joy of “COMMITTING” to yourself, to others, and especially to the success strategies required in a home-business.

The truth is that you either “DO” something or you “DON’T”! The word "trying" is empty because it means that you just have a thought about doing something. However, you have made not made an inner commitment to actually move forward and manifest your desires. Just to clarify what I mean--right now, you need to commit to picking up a pen and then “TRY” to drop it. Don't actually drop it; just “try” to do it. What happened? It’s pretty frustrating experience, right? That’s because there is no intention in allowing the pen to drop because you have not decided to drop it. Instead you are just “trying” to drop it. This is what your life is like when you say, "I'll try to do: ________”

In implementing a healthy mindset, realize that in each moment, you have two choices: To either commit 100% to focusing on what you “DO” want in life OR to commit 100% to focusing on what you “DON'T” want. To “TRY” to focus on what you “do” want, or “don't” want is actually just saying that you are NOT willing to be responsible for the results you desire. Instead you are taking the easy way out by not being willing to make a commitment.

Making a commitment to your “success plan”, to yourself, to others, and to your future success is extremely powerful because it sends out a message to the Universe that you are truly sincere about manifesting your intention! This vibration is then felt by the Universe who in turn supports you in making your desire or goal manifest in the physical world. Remember that the Universe needs clarity of intention to support you in manifesting your desires. If you send out “wishy washy” energy in the form of "trying" you will just get back “wishy washy” results.

Therefore, it is so important to embrace a new way of “being” which is one where you make commitments to what you want to “do” to manifest a goal; instead of just "trying" to make it manifest. One powerful success step in stopping the “trying” game is to eliminate the word “try” and its attitude from your vocabulary and your emotional body. Notice your body, your mind, and your intention when you tend to use the words “I’ll try”. These are the weak links in your manifesting vibration. Remember that the more you use “try”, the lower your vibration gets.

Personal Success Action Steps:

1. Stop saying the words, “I’ll try” for just one week, and you will see a HUGE shift in your manifesting abilities. Always replace “I’ll try” with empowering statements like: “I am committed to”, “I am going to”, or “I get to,” “I choose to make this commitment”. How does it feel to eliminate the words “I’ll try” and make these new strong commitments to yourself? The simple practice of stating HOW you are committed to doing something instead of using the word "try" will instill you with a higher level of self-confidence and will support you in accomplishing more of what you set out to do!

Another success tip is that also, do NOT allow others (whether they are your family, friends or colleagues) to speak their intentions in this weak “TRY” manner. You need to be strong enough to point out this error to them and give them some constructive feedback. You need to be strong for them. Too many people do NOT understand the power of the words they declare to the Universe. It is your responsibility to not allow people on your team in your home-business to use this language if they want to be successful in using these “success strategies” in order to be successful and committed to their home-based business. These keys to success are very powerful!


The differences between the successful and the mediocre

few years ago some scientists set out to find the best way to predict whether a person will become successful or not. They discovered that there are two areas in which there are big differences between the highly successful and the average, and these two areas make the best predictors of success.

It's interesting that many of the commonly held beliefs as to what constitutes an advantage in the success game turn out to be wrong. For example, most people when asked say that being born into a rich family is a great advantage when it comes to getting wealthy. The research discovered that this in not actually the case.

Similarly age is not an important factor. There are people who become successful at a young age and others who don't become successful until they are much older; in fact some achieve their success very late in life.

The amount of formal education that a person has is not a large influencing factor in a person's overall success in life. Successful people come from all levels of the formal education system and failures are also spread across the board when it comes to official education.

The first of the two strong predictors of success may come as a surprise to many people. It is the size of the person's vocabulary and in particular their ability to draw from smaller of larger vocabularies depending on who they are speaking to.

Although this may initially appear to be a surprising result it probably isn't so surprising once you stop and think about it. A large vocabulary combined with an ability to adjust the vocabulary to the particular listener is probably a sign of good communication skills in general. We live in language based societies and the better we can use our language the more doors of opportunity we can open.

The second strong predictive quality should come as no surprise. It is the amount of reading that a person does in the field of personal development. Successful people are readers and in particular they read books that help them become more fully developed human beings.

It is also interesting to note that the highly successful people tend to read most of these self development books many times. They are not just reading for interest, they are reading to absorb the information and to put it to use in their life. Most of these successful people have favorite self development books that they read each and every year.

So what does all this mean for you and your life?

It probably means that you should ask yourself how well you use your primary language and it probably means that you should also ask yourself how many personal development books you read and how many of those do you read multiple times to help you absorb the learning and make it a part of your day to day life.

You could set a goal to increase your self development reading. You could also set a goal to read each of those self development books 3 or 4 times. It might prove interesting to see just how much your life improves if you do.



Last time we talked about living above average, we saw that average does not get us to perfection. To remove the average mentality/limitations, it doesn’t start from taking away physical barriers to success but it starts by clearing the mind from all average mentality.

You might not be the best person to solve your problem but you are surely the first person to start your solution. The problem with today’s society is that many people don’t get to realize that like a vehicle they are the ignition that sparks/starts the whole process of moving the vehicle.

Because life is a continuum, you have to let this mindset into you “that excellence is not a position but rather it is a continues walk. Or else how would you explain deterioration to mediocrity of a person known for excellence. I emphasize this to make you remove the thought that excellence is a destination, which if achieved will prevent you from deteriorating . The truth is that anybody anywhere can be excellent in anything lie does at anytime. However there are factors to be considered and applied... You can be excellent.



In today’s world lots of people lives a life of mediocrity. Over the time, this has led to the saying that the ladder of success is not crowded at the top. And this makes me ask the question why?Why is it so, does it means that a lot of people don’t want to succeed?

It just like the shape of a triangle which has its weight beneath and is powered at the apex, that’s how the ladder of success is. Today many people live just to sustain themselves, they work just to stay alive and keep moving but I think the essence of an absolute and abundant life is to impact lives positively. A self centered life can not be satisfied. True satisfaction comes via service.

I have come to discover something in life, any acquisition I acquire and keep just to benefit me and me alone does not get me satisfied, but when I use that acquisition to reach and meet another man's need no matter how little it gives me joy and great satisfaction.
To live and absolute life let this mindset be in you “Live not just because you are given life but life because you live to make impacts living above average requires a lot of things among which is having an ATP mindset. Always thinking positive(ATP).
Before one can ever attain the top one must have overcome the barriers on his way. The deference between a successful person and a failure ( no one is a failure unless he acknowledges himself to be) is not the disparity or contrast in their acquisition but in the contrast of their way of thinking. Your change starts from your taught.



The most undeveloped place/unexploited places in history is not the great waters or the high lands, that areas lies under your hat. You will be surprised by the enormous amount of resources that lie untapped in humans. The most valuable resource today is not crude oil nor gold but it is human resource. All other resources are exhaustible but not the human resource. With time natural resources get depleted but the human resources get better with experience. No body on this earth is useless or a waste. Every one has something to deliver. There is something between your ears that is yet to be exploited. Many people die without reaching their full potentials without covering the ground assigned to them. An author say that the richest place on earth is the mortuary or cemetery. For it is there you will see people who lived and died without manifesting their God given human resources. There you find people who walked knowing they had great untapped treasure.
In our world today many people don’t care about digging deep to bring out the man and giant in them, a lot of people just want to get on with the time and survive. But to be resourceful you need to do more than survive, with to handwork and discipline powered by information you need to break through the hard shells of average to bring out that giant in you. In every man there is a seed of greatness. And for every great man there is the desire for self improvement.



Stress has not just become a common word in today’s world. It has become a source of worry to those who pass through it.Stress can come from any situation or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, or anxious Stress the joy of well being of many people.Anxiety is a feeling of apprehension or fear. The source of this uneasiness is not always recognized, which can add to the distress you feel. Like a thick darkness in broadly light it has burdened lots of heart. Like an object thrown into still waters it has disturbed the peace of many. Like the name sounds “Stress” it stretches you to the limits and if not properly handle stress can degenerate to depression. It can makes you loath even the things you desired.Emotional states like grief or depression and health conditions like an overactive thyroid, low blood sugar, or heart attack can also cause stress.

some people worry over irrelevant things. Humans have the trait of wanting to steep themselves in worry and anxiety. And they tend to fall into negative thinking.The mind is the source of all diseases", stress caused by negative thinking becomes not only an obstacle for a comfortable daily life, but also becomes a cause of diseases and makes diseases worse.

Knowing all these how can we overcome stress?
#1 Laughter brings us happiness, if you are always relaxed and thinking positively, you hardly get diseases, or even if you have some diseases, they get better, and you can live a cheerful and pleasant life full of feelings of happiness.

#2 In order to overcome worry(which leads to stress), the first thing you have to realize is that problems (sources of worry) can be grossly separated into two types. One is "problems which you need to think about (to solve)".When dealing with problems you need to think about, it is useful to think calmly and rationally without negative emotions until a certain conclusion is reached (Never worry, please!). And if you reach a conclusion, simply act calmly according to the conclusion.
On the other hand, if the problem is judged to be "a problem which doesn't benefit you at all by thinking of it", you should realize that worrying about the problem is nothing but a waste of your mind power, and stop thinking and worrying about it.
By simply putting this into practice, stress ought to be fairly decreased.

#3 One of the greatest stress relief methods is exercise. Exercise does a number of things that help people deal with stress. Exercise increases blood flow and oxygen intake. This helps with brain functions. Exercise also releases chemicals into the body called endorphins. These are the feel good chemicals of the body. They give a person a feeling of well being. A short walk can be enough to knock the stress out of a person. Regular workouts can help maintain a stress free lifestyle.

#4 Get a good night's sleep. When people experience stress, sleep patterns are often affected. Getting 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night is the body's time to rejuvenate and repair. Sleep deprivation can make stressful situations worse. Find ways to relax and unwind before bed to ensure a good night's sleep. Some find a relaxing bath helps, or a lavender dream pillow assists in falling asleep and staying asleep.

The truth is that anyone can be stressed and depressed, and anyone can come out of stress and depression it all depends on you. There’s one thing I’ve actually noticed in life, most times solutions don’t come until it is yearned for.Problems are strictly mere problems and are outside of you, and can't touch you at all. In spite of this fact, people create uncomfortable emotions in themselves like anxiety or worrying using problems outside by a force of habit, to satisfy the natural desire of "wanting to be worried" or "wanting to suffer(stress)".
If a certain problem comes to your mind with negative emotions and the problem is judged to be a "problem which doesn't benefit you at all by thinking of it", and if you neglect it and don't think about it for the time being, and think about or do pleasant things, the problem which exists outside you originally cannot affect you at all.
By forming such a habit for "problems which don't benefit you at all by thinking of them" like this, you can live cheerfully, happily and positively with "feelings of happiness" or "feelings of relaxation" all the time.

Finally, take no thought for your life, what you shall eat or drink nor yet for your body, what you shall put on,is not life more than meat and the body than raiment. watch the birds of the air they neither plant nor reap but your heavenly father feed them. you are better than they. By taking thought which of you can add one cubit to his stature. Therefore take no thought saying, what shall we drink or how you shall we be clothed? for your heavenly father knows that you need all these.

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