In today’s world lots of people lives a life of mediocrity. Over the time, this has led to the saying that the ladder of success is not crowded at the top. And this makes me ask the question why?Why is it so, does it means that a lot of people don’t want to succeed?

It just like the shape of a triangle which has its weight beneath and is powered at the apex, that’s how the ladder of success is. Today many people live just to sustain themselves, they work just to stay alive and keep moving but I think the essence of an absolute and abundant life is to impact lives positively. A self centered life can not be satisfied. True satisfaction comes via service.

I have come to discover something in life, any acquisition I acquire and keep just to benefit me and me alone does not get me satisfied, but when I use that acquisition to reach and meet another man's need no matter how little it gives me joy and great satisfaction.
To live and absolute life let this mindset be in you “Live not just because you are given life but life because you live to make impacts living above average requires a lot of things among which is having an ATP mindset. Always thinking positive(ATP).
Before one can ever attain the top one must have overcome the barriers on his way. The deference between a successful person and a failure ( no one is a failure unless he acknowledges himself to be) is not the disparity or contrast in their acquisition but in the contrast of their way of thinking. Your change starts from your taught.

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