Attitude is Everything: How a Simple Change in Attitude Can Change Your Life

We look with our eyes but see through our mind. 
– Chidi Ejikeugwu
Have you ever wondered why same thing happen to a different individuals and one person seem to respond different from the other?. The simple answer is attitude. The reason is because in life, it is not what happens to you or what does not happen to you that determines how you fare. You will realize that attitude does not just affect our relationship with the people and things around us, it goes far to determine how we look at life and how we respond to it. No saying how many opportunities have been missed, how many relationships dented as a result of wrong attitude. The most significant point to note about attitude is that it can shape the way we think. And we know pretty well that our life goes in the direction of our thought. But here is the sad thing, most people don’t recognize the wrong attitudes which they exhibit, they see it as a part of their personality, so they believe that’s the way they are. No that’s not who you are. Personality may be fixed but attitude puts a color on it.
You may not easily observe the day to day effects of a negative attitude until one of those defining moments when accumulated cause takes effect or is expressed, when things happen to us or otherwise. To really see a person’s attitude about life, things, work, people, see them on one of those days when the wind blows against their direction. “your attitude does not only shape your response to life but it also shapes how you experience life”. Here are some you must watch out for.
Complaining attitude: you can't complain and create at the same time; and we all are creators for we were made in that image. Complaining can deal your chances a surreptitious blow because it allows you to focus only on the things that are wrong so that you can’t notice what is right. Complaining does not allow you to see the opportunity to change and create. And some people mature in such a way that they always find something to complain about everything. What a poor way to live. If you are dealing with people and every time you relate with them, you always fond something to complain about, you are destroying them (or in a polite way, their self image). No matter how well you mean for them, the picture you are painting by your constant complaining attitude does not in any way attract them to the better intentions you may have for them.
Scarcity attitude: A few doze of this one would run any economy down in no time. Not believing that there could be enough for everyone, even if there’s not enough, this attitude keep most people from setting out to create more to satisfy the need – we are creators by design, most people choose to benefit only then making themselves consumers. People with the scarcity attitude tend to hold on to what they have as well as grab all they can at the slightest opportunity. What a small way to live. Two of such kind can run the company down. Don’t build your life and live on what is available, rather think of what is possible and pursue it. There is no limit to what is possible.

Yes it’s possible you can change, for change is one of the greatest human abilities. We pick up attitudes from when we were young, we continually change and reinforce them as we grow. No matter how long you have exhibited a certain kind of attitude, the moment you realize how it’s affecting you, you work, life, relationship and you decide it’s not what you want, you can begin to change it.

However, identifying a negative attitude does not solve the problem. You must not only decide to stop it, you must exert yourself to take on new habits and attitudes which replace the negative one. It’s like pouring clean water into a glass of dirty water UNTIL the dirty one runs out. But you must continue to focus on the clean one and using it long enough to replace the old one. So here are some of such graceful attitudes that can begin to change your perception and experience consequently your life.

Gratitude : an attitude of appreciation puts a whole new look on life. The reason is because, “anything you appreciate tends to appreciate.” Begin to be grateful for the things you have or care about. Be grateful for life, be grateful for small things as much as the big ones, be grateful for family and friends, be grateful for what you have no matter how little because “what you have is really all you need to get what you want”. And if you keep complaining about how small or insufficient the thing is, I promise you can't make much good out of it because you have not been able to see any good in it. He that does not have the little he has will be taken from him. So you have to see it (even when it is little) to ever have it – and that by gratitude. “The best things in life are still free, like air and ideas”. Be grateful for the past, be hopeful for the future and be thankful for the moment.

Giving attitude: Living is giving. To live is to give, give love, give hope, give happiness, for the greatest thing you can give… is yourself. And we are all giving it, every day of our lives, with every action, with every interaction. We daily give a piece of who we are when we talk, when we act. So rid the idea that those who give are those who have, for we all have little in the least. Nobody has more advantage than the giver because a vacuum is created on his side which must be filled. It’s a natural law of the universe. Put yourself in my shoe and feel what great good I gain by pouring out these few lines of lessons that have changed my life, and by sharing it with you hoping that you find some inspiration and ideas, I empty my self of content ready to reach for higher knowledge and ideals waiting to be filled by them again. Imagine enjoying this experience every other day. The beautiful part is when I get those lovely comments like “thank you for sharing this post”, it makes up any down day. I have learned to be hungry and remain so, and I wish that for you. That’s the only way you get to fill up. So the key is always be hungry. Why? Because you want to be filled again so that you may have something to give. Holding on to what you have or know is the surest way to the never grow syndrome.

Attitude is key.
Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.
John F. Kennedy

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