Change Is Only Natural

It started with change right from the very beginning; man and his environment are governed by one indisputable factor – change. Everyday we see change, it’s very obvious and yet some can’t find out and understand that they are indebted to change.
Nothing is as constant as change. At the long run anybody would realize that at one point in life they must either change or be changed. There is a feeling people show towards change. You know the feeling that usually meets a major reshuffle in the office or the emergence of new competition. The common unpleasant emotion that comes with change is insecurity and uncertainty though they are natural to an extent. The unstable balance is always troubled by change at any attempt on our fundamental needs. Every person has the fundamental need for love, security, recognition, creativity, expression etc. Anything that attempts to alter the status quo is often met with unpleasant emotions.

Can you avoid change? Can you work to a level of utmost security and satisfaction that would guarantee anti-change effects? Of course yes? But only fools imagine thus? Change has a double edge effect. To the one who detest and tries to avoid it, it often spares disaster and unpleasant emotions. To the other who sees it as only a natural phenomenon, and does what he should to flow with it, he will sail safe on the tides of constant change.

Satisfaction and contentment are two feeling everybody wants to experience in their daily life. But these same feelings can be enemy to the positive effects that change brings. No one would seek to improve what he is totally content with. And I think there is that tendency in everyone to want more. If satisfaction where a commodity, it would be very scarce. Contentment is a virtue, a desirable one at that. But if everyone where content with what they are, how they feel, and what they have then there would be a killing air of mediocrity, ineptitude and definitely no need for improvement. I also think there is that tendency in man not to be content. That’s why every forward thinking person always wants more, that extra touch that makes it look better; they want to take it a little bit higher, to step up the status quo.
And for boredom? There is always a positive approach to every thing even this. Give a toddler a toy, soon he gets he gets bored with it; he wants more he wants something better, a little bit exciting and satisfying. And that’s the basics of improvement. Where there is a tendency for more or improvement there would always be progress and development. Where there is utter contentment there is little development. Mans need is insatiable.

Is there any wisdom in avoiding change? No. is there any reason in having unpleasant emotions about change? Yes. So what’s the deal?

1. Change is only natural. It’s as natural as reaching for water when thirsty. It’s as natural as the seasons in a year.

2. You can work it. You can prepare for it and use it beneficially. Your attitude and character matters here. Build up a character that is not afraid of change effect by being proactive, because you are prepared and positioned for the next; because you are informed and constantly learning (growing).

And for improvement? You can only reach for better when you have known the good; you have an idea of the best and want to get there. We aim above the mark to hit the mark – Ralph Waldo Emerson. The antidote for change and the unpleasant feelings about its effects is consistent discreet improvement. Like I would always say there is always enough room for improvement and everyday brings that that opportunity to achieve that.


  1. Change is a necessary nuisance. It is costly but its benefits can be great! Good post

  2. Thanks Stephen for the comment. Change is definitely a necessary nuisance especially when its effected toward improvement.


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