Skill Without Strength Of Mind

You need skill to be competent and efficient; strength of mind is to anyone what a propeller is to a helicopter. Efficiency is key. Virtually everyone demands efficiency from everyone. As the world grows in population and innovation, the need for efficiency is emphasized in daily operation to solve the human problem.
There is opportunity in every day. There is opportunity where you are. You can create opportunity for achieving that which you desire. But it doesn’t end there. When the opportunity finally comes what do you do with it? What does it take to achieve what you want in the light of opportunity? Opportunity is not always a guaranty to achieve what you want.

One new skill might be the missing link between a person and his goal. Every personal virtue attracts opportunity for it to be demonstrated as every thought would attract the equivalent situation or opportunity for it to manifest whether they are good or bad. Skill is important but not all mighty. Skill can convince you to seize an opportunity, but it may not give you the stuff to go all the way. But by the way, why do people take the initiative to do what they do?

1. Because opportunity is available. Do you do what you do just because you have the chance to do it? Yes a lot of people do; without counting the cost and considering the process, they take opportunity head on without proper thought. And in the middle of the whole thing when the outcome is view or when they meet with any slight opposition it suddenly dawns on them. Learn to take opportunity not because they exist for the taking.

2. Because others are doing it. There should be a better reason for doing what you do. People who do this don’t do it because they don’t have idea of the goal they want to achieve, but because they lack the right plan to achieving what they want. It’s like knowing your destination without the slightest idea of how to get there. Usually the result is that you get to end up in the wrong bus, with the wrong people and at the wrong place. Talk about being moved by what you see than what you are sure of.

3. Because they cant see the end from where they are. A good way to avoid an embarrassing or calamitous outcome is by starting with the end in mind. It’s an issue of concern how people often take opportunity just for the motivations without considering the beneficial good it could bring. Motivation can get you started but doesn’t always keep you moving. It can inspire the will in you but doesn’t always give you the strength to walk the way. A common but powerful motivation here is money. There is a tendency to readily take opportunity to do anything once money meets the willingness at the other end.

4. Because they have not matured enough. Maturity is not growing old. Here maturity can refer to developing character enough in turning down a lot of good opportunities but never missing the best one. The more mature and successful one becomes the more he narrows his engagements and opportunity he chooses to accept though his options of choice be numerous. He no more takes opportunity only for the sake of meeting an end. On the other hand when one is yet maturing one is apt to virtually take every opportunity that comes one’s way.

The ability to perform a task creditably to a prescribed standard require skill. In the face of opposition and challenges where persistence becomes vital, one must have strength of mind to push against the odds of opposition.

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