6 Tips On How To Wake Up On The Right Side Of Bed

Most times we wake up feeling so sore, wishing we did not wake up. While at other times we feel great right from our rising. But have you ever wondered why this is so? Do you know that steps can be taken to positively influence how we wake up?

This post will attempt to reveal certain tips on how to wake up on the right side of bed. These tips will show to be very helpful if applied, it should rather be seen as a helpful suggestion than a principle to the title of this post.
The two sides of sleep play decisive role on one’s general state after rising. The listings below will positively influence this state on rising from sleep.

1. You must acknowledge and understand that sleep does a lot to improve you psychologically, physically emotionally and otherwise. In addition it is a gift from God; he gives sleep to his beloved. Ps. 127:2 sleep is an opportunity… it is sweet transition from the old to the new, the present past to the nearest future, from the spent to the brand new (whole)… the knowledge of this will help you appreciate it.

2. Don’t Carry Problems Over: The easiest load to conveniently carry about (unconsciously) is problem. People unknowingly carry their problems with them wherever they go (no matter how heavy the problem seems to be on them). Little wonder Jesus called to himself all who are burdened and heavy laden, to give them rest.
People carry their problems along wherever they go, by means of “thought”. Never carry problems into your sleep (by means of thought). In doing so, you are likely to wake with them. Since problems cannot be slept away, it is helpful to rest them before sleep. It is more preferred to wake soundly and take on problems, than sleep with worries and continue with them on your rising. This doesn’t make for a great start of a new day.

3. Have an idea of what to expect the next day: with strategic planning, knowing what to expect each time is not a problem. Strategic planning will help you know your purpose as well as put your purpose in perspective. Knowing your purpose will go a long way to preparing you for the responsibility ahead. Being in a prepared state of mind transiting into a new day is a great psychological boost.

4. Take Stock: Take stock of the day, this will show you whether you succeeded or were defeated in achieving your daily goals. The outcome will either motivate or discourage you…but you have choice.

5. Engage in serious meditation: This is for the soul and the spirit. The total well being of man consists not in his body alone but also in his soul and spirit. To be a complete and highly effective person these triplets should as a matter of fact be properly catered for. The right meditation (which could be in form of prayer, reading important/inspirational writings such as Bible, Koran etc) will resuscitate a person and emphasize his ultimate objectives. As food does good to the body, so does meditation to the soul and spirit.

6. Exercise: A light aerobic exercise every morning will go a long way to making you a total and sound person. A light exercise will restore your focus as well as keep you in good shape for achieving your daily goals. Applying these tips will set you on the launch pad for a great day.

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