Overcoming Fear-Tips On How To Face, Handle And Overcome Fear

Have you ever been obsessed by fear, so much that your life activity come to a total freeze? Everyone has fears which is not uncommon, but the issue is
how to overcome the fear.
Challenges are encountered in daily life and with poor orientation these challenges can pose as threats to ones confidence as well as create unnecessary fear that end up captivating and restricting you from achieving the desired success.

Here you will learn tips and information that will help to handle and overcome fear as it comes. You will understand the causes of fear, how it plays, how to overcome your fear and be in control of your life.

False Evidence Appearing Real (F.E.A.R) is a quite familiar connotation of the word fear. You might want to ask, is fear really false? But whatever your concern, it is as real as it gets. Statistics shows that social fear ranks high amongst other fears that people exhibit. Fears of speaking in public, fear of rejection, that of failure, etc are quite a number of fears but there is one that leaves cowardly footprints and regretful ramification. It is the fear of criticism, a lot of people would rather be dormant, complacent and hidden, than face criticism. Some people would keep their opinions without knowing how helpful it could be, just for fear of being criticized.

I object to the statement that fear is as important as the feelings of love or joy. Fear is destructive; humans are born with instincts that keep them consciously aware of danger and not necessarily to create unnecessary fear.

I. Know the cause:
for every reaction there was an action that prompted it, to overcome your fear you must seek not just to control it but to understand it. Know the reason for your fear and the cause of it, don’t go about treating the symptoms without first knowing the cause (a problem known is half solved). The problem is without, but the fear is within.

• Fear is begotten of ignorance; you have every reason to fear if you are ignorant of you responsibility, capability or even the opportunity available to you.
• Not doing what you know you should, can result to being afraid of the consequences of failure, fear is of the mind and your conscience plays a big role.
• Fear can also result from threats; such fears are grim and can lead to serious obsession. But worry not; you shouldn’t be afraid of death that you never get to live.
• Unpreparedness is the major cause of fear in many aspects of life. Unpreparedness comes before inferiority complex and no doubt, in a competition if you see someone better prepared than you, inferiority complex sets in and thereafter the fear of failure.
II. Face it: you don’t stand a chance with what you can’t confront. If you want to overcome your fear you must be willing to face it fair and square knowing that if you don’t, it will have the upper hand and you will be controlled by fear. That’s not what you want, you want to be confident with sound mind, you want to be in control and not to be controlled (by unnecessary fear). In facing your fear you familiarize with it thereby gaining the needed confidence to overcome it. You will deal better with a problem that you are familiar with.

III. Words matter a lot: like I stated earlier, the cause is without but fear is within. In times of fear your words is to the mind what oil is, to an engine. You can’t afford to be negative, don’t feed your fear with negative words/thoughts that will fuel its flame. Think, speak and act confidently even if you don’t feel so. That way you will create belief in you. And remember confidence is key
IV. Justify your conscience: to overcome fear you must justify your conscience by justifying your responsibility. You know what you should do to affirm your confidence in that you have done what is require of you to achieve your objective. Not doing it will create in you the thought of failing in that responsibility which will in turn, result to the fear of its implication.

V. Focus: get your mind focused, not on your fear but on something of importance to you at that moment other than your fear. That is, if you have done what is required of you, regarding the causes as stated in #1.

Most of the fears that we generally exhibit are learned, they are by no means natural. We should be consciously aware and not afraid. Everybody has fears but it becomes an issue when you allow your fear to consume you. It becomes a problem when you are obsessed by it, in that you allowed it to occupy a greater percentage of your efficiency. Fear is bondage it restricts you from achieving. “It is fear that kills not inability.” Know your support, ability and the opportunity available to you. That will cast out fear and create confidence in you.

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