Tips On How To Get Out Of Boredom And Achieve Fulfillment

Quote of the day "Boredom comes from a boring mind."

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that leaves you completely docile and passive, even when you are willing to make a positive move but you can’t just help it? Then know for sure that boredom has set in. Boredom is the inability to accept the moment for what it is , boredom is the failure to accept the situation and utilize it for achieving the purpose of the moment. A lot of times people find themselves in such situations where they seem to have lost the passion and drive to get things going even when the y have their work well spelt out. Boredom is the neediness for something "exciting" to happen. Boredom if not handled wisely can set one backpedaling. It could be difficult finding your interest when you lose it, this could eventually lead to the neglect of that responsibility. Like I always say “neglect will eventually lead to regret”. Learn not neglect responsibility no matter how small they seem (that is discipline right there).boredom is the inability to see the opportunity in the moment, One bad thing about regret is that it doesn’t call back lost opportunity. You can only care about what is of interest to you, and it is only natural to show responsibility in that which you pick interest in. no reasonable person has time enough to waste chasing what will not lead to her improvement as well as her general well being.
Boredom is the refusal of accepting what is, it is craving for what is not at the time it shouldn’t be. Boredom is the acceptance of what is pleasurable over what is pertinently right. Boredom is that situation when the mind and the spirit cannot get the body to cooperate in dealing with the issue at hand. Boredom is the compromise of the mind with the body to reject responsibility and accept weakness. To overcome boredom it takes more than a slash of water to the face. These tips will help you handle and overcome that sinking feeling when next you hemmed in by it.
#1 Know your responsibility: the fastest way to be irresponsible is when you don’t seek to know as well as do you responsibility at each given moment. Time is very important, time is not money it is a bit of your life.

#2 Affirm yourself of your responsibility: be conscious of your responsibility, the purpose you have in mind you will seek to achieve. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. When you speak something achieving it becomes a priority.

#3 Apply Discipline: boredom is lose of control; it is the failure to see the opportunity before our very eyes. The first and most important discovery for any purposeful person is self discovery; it takes discipline to be in control. There are times when you just loss total control and allow boredom rule you. At such times taking a good cool shower can help, I tell you this works. Just get under the water and you will come out a new you, ready to go.

#4 Choose to be happy: boredom is born of ignorance and unconsciousness. when boredom takes control, one loses all sense of satisfaction. One will never get to lasting happiness and satisfaction when one assumes that happiness is limited to life’s present circumstances. Real and lasting happiness is always experienced within. You choose to laugh to a joke, you can choose to be happy despite the present circumstance.

#5 Be the impact: the surest way to gain satisfaction is by affecting someone positively. You gain an incredible sense of satisfaction when you know that someone’s life has just been made better by what you have done. I have been applying this principle and I have always been motivated by it.
So the next time that sinking feeling sets in apply these tips and seek for someone to impact positively. Boredom cannot be quenched; you can only get out of it.

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