Self Help Secrets: 3 Keys to Attaining Peak Performance

I have been thinking for a while, with much concern by the amount and nature of questions I have been receiving both from my readers and from most other forums where I get the chance to receive questions. There is a problem the way I see it and I believe that most of you can identify with it. But the sad part of it is that some people who may be involved or caught up in this situation don’t seem to realize it, constantly doing the same wrong things and expecting a right result is totally crazy; whether it’s by negligence or share ignorance. I feel it, and believe that most positive (progressive) minded people as well as the negative minded ones want to really get the good out their life, possibly the best. But they seem to have a hard time going about it, (that is if they go about it at all). There is a mishap in life as I have observe, where one readily concludes on oneself to a negative, unfavorable and pedestal note. There is another of a different kind that creates a spark in life wherever and whenever it’s applied. That is what I’m going to talk about. As a matter of fact it is one of the ‘whys’ of this blog, “Seeds of Success”. It’s not just to make you feel good but to inspire you, in a angry but polite way to start creating the results you desire and expect in your life, to be a person of success not just to achieve success but to become success. Because whether you like it or not, whether you know it or not, life responds to whom you are. Life brings in your direction not what want but what you ask or demand and that, it does in accordance to who you are. So your challenge today is to create or recreate if you will, who you become. You may be what you don’t like today or see yourself in a shape you don’t really want, you have a choice and the right to change that, to create and redefine yourself to become that person you want. The good news is, YOU CAN. You may not like what I’m about to say next and you may not have known it; you are what you make yourself to be. You are a product of your daily effort, you are the craft of your creation, you make you. It was a fine philosopher who said the life we live today is a product of our decisions and actions yesterday. If that is anything to go by, your life tomorrow is equally a product not of your yesterday but of the decisions you make today and now. There are 3 things you must know to start living at your peak.

Know who you are: this is one of the shortest but most profound statements I have come across. It was a great philosopher who said “Man know thyself”. It is interesting how we seek to know a lot about the things around us but don’t really know who we are. It’s not about what happens around you but what happens within you. You must be able to proceed from the direction of ‘I know who I am’. This is who I am. And I will tell you what that will do for you. It will in a drastic but enlightening way change how you see everything and how you do what you do. Most people do things but don’t know why because they don’t really know much about the person doing it. You must capture the substance first to really determine the form of its shadow; you don’t determine substance from shadow that reverse action. Most people therefore try so hard to get along when they should in essence be taking many along. They strive so hard and pour out their life into what they do and yet can’t find happiness in it. When you life is centered on what you do, it can be very difficult to impress and exert the right impact and influence the right results. You are not what you do. You have to approach things from a direction of who you are because at the end it is who you are that determines what you do and how things respond to you. People don’t always look at what you do when you understand and live who you are. When you are defined by what you do it is very easy to not be without reproach. What you do or did should not define who you are; your life is centered around who you are not what you do. The results you seek to accomplish are a fruitage of who you are, from where what you do is birthed.

Know where you are: if anyone is ever gonna get himself one inch ahead, he must know where and how he stands. Give me a place to stand said Archimedes, and I will move the world. You must be able to know where you are in your life to plot where you want to be.  Life is all about movement. If you are not moving you are not living. One trait of living things is growth. Growth is movement, getting from point A to point B. Where there is no movement, there is no progress. A sad thing than stagnation is backsliding, this is not the same as getting negative results. You want to make progress as much as possible; you have got to make movement. Never discourage a person who is consistently making progress no matter how slow. You will get there if only you don’t quit. But you got to know where you are. You must be able to say this is where I am.

Know what you want: whether you think you can or not you are usually right. If you can know what it is you really want from life then you can get to demand it. Nature does not respond to what we want as it does to what we demand. A lot of good hardworking people deserve better but get nothing. That old Biblical saying is ever true, “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you”. What that passage is saying in essence is that whatever you expect or intend to happen in your life, you have to demand it. There are boundless opportunities for maximum accomplishment if only you can decide what you really want in life and get to demand it. Demand it?  From whom you say? Demand it from yourself; you produce the results you want. You are your own solution, so look no further. It all begins from you, from within you. I hear this questions a lot, what does life want from me? It’s a good question. If you ask me… life wants nothing from you, not your money not anything. I believe that life in essence throws that question back to you. What do you want from life? What do you want for yourself? Life I believe wants nothing from you than the best you want from yourself, life demands a better you. You at your best today and again, a you that is the solution, a you for yourself that is competent and complete, happy and powerful, a you that is a success not only working to achieve success, you at your peak.

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