The Misconception of High Risk High Success

Everything we want, they say lies beyond our comfort zone. As plausible as the statement may sound, it’s predisposed to happen otherwise in most practical situations. It's widely believed that a stolid life never achieves much, that those who succeed in accomplishing great things are such that do not hesitate to take risk whenever and wherever they find one. I agree with the train of thought that individuals who risk fear and comfort to achieve the best soon achieves their aim, strengthening their character by that singular quality.

1.                   High risk high success: anything worth achieving is worth the risk therein. There is a train of thought that if the risk is not consonant with respect to the measure of intended success, accomplishment or progress, it’s perhaps not worth the try. Hence the individual who intends to achieve great things must take to great risks. There are two things we must see as different entities in nature and function – risk and effort. Most people hide under the false intent that every high risk results in huge success. Defying obstacles and facing risks to achieve does not solely get a problem solved. One may not achieve a goal only by virtue of risking oneself, defying danger to pursue it without first cultivating oneself to fit the opportunity. I will prepare myself, said Lincoln and my opportunity will come. How unwise it is preparing only at the sight of opportunity. Opportunity gravitates to those who prepare and seek after it? It’s scarcity mentality to jump into any venture only because very few people would muster the courage to attempt it. My version of the law of intended complexity would agree that the individual who prepares himself making good every opportunity in a deliberate consistent manner soon begins to create opportunity for himself as well as have lines fall for him in pleasant places with little effort and sometimes without intent. Most people think greatness to be attained only by foolishly jumping into great dangers. Greatness beyond the gravity of the word is not a sudden big bang out of the blues. Like perfection, it involves handling with meticulous expertise and grand effort the smallest things which may seem insignificant at first, it is weaving with diligence and patient proficiency the tiny threads that form the large leaves which make up the conspicuous whole.

2.                   Low risk low success: It’s true of the Biblical warning that there is one who scatters, yet increases more; And there is one who withholds more than is right, But it leads to poverty. Low risk may not result to low success as it is with low effort producing less than exciting result. Anything that demands huge amount of time and effort usually produce of its kind in measure of result if the responsibility is met. On the other hand, expectations would not be excitingly high for things that require little effort, time and resources. Risk tends to be high or low in relation to how little or much we know as well as how cleverly we apply what we know.  Not all endeavors which present little risk eventually produce success in equivalent measure.  Risk can be reduced to a bare minimum without affecting the nature and measure of success.

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