A Pleasing Personality

Growth cannot occur without change like change might not be effected without learning. Learning is an integral aspect of life and development. How often we neglect the opportunity to learn amidst the hustle and bustle in our daily chase. As the saying goes, we live and we learn. Amongst the many things that can be learned, learning to exhibit a pleasing personality is essential.

1. Learn to laugh: there is nothing like a good laugh, I don’t mean laughing at people to mock them. Some people never laugh, or at least not openly when it is necessary. A good laugh does for you what an air freshener does for a living room with an offensive ambience. A good laugh makes you feel as well as look human, which you are. It has never been a good recommendation to always keep a mean look especially for people in leadership positions. You ease tension in the atmosphere when you laugh or smile and this makes you a more pleasing person to have around. Here’s the interesting part, a laugh makes you feel good and when you feel good, you raise your hopes and happiness as well as gain confidence to achieve your goals.

2. Learn to listen: considering the human physiognomy, nature made it that the ears should be involuntarily open while the mouth only does same voluntarily. But some people choose to do the reverse, keeping the mouth open and running. Two things happen when we contradict the design set by nature. One is that we could end up removing flies from our mouth; two is that we don’t get to learn much. You learn more when you listen more. Sometimes we are more helpful to people when they have our ears than when we give advice they obviously don’t need at that point in time. And it’s funny how we listen when we do; we readily listen to know how to respond rather than listening to understand. You make yourself unpleasant when you are apt to give counsel when people rather need your listening ear. Advice won’t always solve a problem in that has to be gotten out of the chest.

3. Learn to love: it is not always an automatic process to love, that’s why, it has to be learned. Like persistence, love doesn’t just happen. When love is built on material things it can fail and it will fail. To have a pleasing personality you must learn to love people in spite of circumstances as well as show genue concern. Look for the good in people and encourage them towards more good through the same channel rather than finding reason to fault them for their wrongs.

Let people know you for encouraging them towards good and they will like you for it. A pleasing personality is great asset, there is something about one with a pleasing personality that arrests your prejudice you simply can’t just ignore. A pleasing personality matched with humility in service make up for a great quality in manhood or womanhood. There is no art more beautiful than that of a pleasing personality.

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