Envy Factor: 6 More Reasons Why You Must Not Envy

Do you envy? If you answer that question faithfully, then you have taken the first step to disclose to yourself some really helpful counsel. But I must warn you, this blog is liable to purge you of some fitly envy ailments, so prepare your mind (you will be better for it anyways). To a large extent, envy is a result of ignorance. It won't be too loud to say that people envy because

1. They lack knowledge of their calling, but it’s true. If you know what you are cut out for, you will understand that you are in a competition, not with any other but with yourself; to consistently improve upon your effectiveness. The knowledge and practice of this fills and annuls every opportunity for envy.
We definitely can’t avoid competition, it happens virtually everyday. However, is to improve your effectiveness and not to use others as total yardstick for your existence. Comparing yourself to others is ok to an extent but end up calling the ill emotion cause they can’t help the solution.

2. They can’t control their desires. Envy could equally result from not having what you think you want and not being able to bear it because another has it and you think or wish they shouldn’t. if you seek to rule the world or perhaps your ‘world’, you must first control your desires and emotions. Vain glories are not to be desired.

3. Anyone who has a stony mind towards change most certainly tends to envy. When you ignore the reality of change, and envy would be certain when you see others sailing safe on the tides with change while you are stuck on shore by an unwilling attitude towards it. Change could be risky. We take risk to achieve the best.

4. Envy could result from low self-esteem. People who think low of themselves often use others as a yardstick in the aspects of their lives.

5. Envy is not far from pride. Yes that’s true. Pride will envy in seeing another do with humility that which it can’t do out of pride. Out of the many definitions of pride, one is striking. Pride is failing to do what you should.

6. People who lack common sense of basic judgment tend to envy. Not distinguishing what is permitted from what is pertinent , they wonder in the valley of wrong choices or indecision. Sometimes common sense is not common at all. It takes common sense to know what is right for you (job 5:2).

It’s believed that there is a positive aspect of envy (benign envy) the one that motivates towards improvement. It’s ridiculous how some are driven by envy to do right, when the right is in sharp contrast to their will, values and tendency. They do this to either get even, prove a point or to even satisfy their envy. But at the end, if there be any such thing as good envy, a right minded person will be sure to use it wisely. I’m among the few who believe something good can come out Nazareth.
Show me what you lack and I will show you what you don’t value to work hard for. Envy could refer to being angry for not having a thing and wishing on the other hand that others shouldn’t have it too. If you consider these words, you will do well to get that sinful emotion out of your back. Hope to meet you tomorrow on this uplifting blog. Good luck.

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