The Prime Problem of Success

Beware of the common attitude that follows satisfaction, progress and abundance. These indeed do great deal of good to the human person and his self esteem but don’t be ignorant of their opposite effects. Satisfaction is a wonderful feeling considering that unsatisfaction can cause cancer. Satisfaction to an extent can lead to mediocrity, likewise comfort and abundance; as they both have their negative effects. Right now you might be thinking I’m trying to bring something under a bad light. No am not. I’m only trying to make plain the truth that too much of anything doesn’t help personal development.

But for progress…I’m yet to figure out the adverse effect of it. I know that success as it progresses encounters problems it must have to solve. Every progress shares one common challenge. At the feet of this challenge many success metamorphose into mediocrity.

That challenge is improvement and all it connotes. One common problem with man is that he does not come to realization of what he is capable of (so he settles for less). The little I know, I owe to my ignorance – Sacha Guitry.

It’s natural to revel and savor breakthroughs and achievements, it’s however more common to be carried away by it. The distance between consistent progress and mediocrity is the sense of improvement. There is always opportunity for improvement. One question I ask and recommend is “Is this the best that can be made out of me”? if you answer faithfully you will discover streams of ideas, passion, aspiration and motivation that will flow through.

A key to consistent progress is, knowing that there is always opportunity for improvement and that you can be/do better. Though time runs it leaves behind opportunity for improvement. And while we haste to keep pace with time we run over opportunity that could make appreciable impact. So appreciate the thought that time is not against you rather you are against time. He is not in haste that knows what he is doing. If you know what you are doing, you won’t envy. I think those who envy others success are those who fail to do what they should yet hope on luck to see them through.

The level of effort and thinking that results to a success is not the same level of effort and thinking that would propel or facilitate continuous growth of that success.

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