3 Factors That Would Most Definitely Guaranty Failure

Today’s topic on seeds of success brings on vital issues we encounter on a common basis. Fundamentally one might be tempted to believe that if one could avoid failure and all that it stands for then one would be reveling in the realm of success. Since success could be viewed as the opposite of failure it might not be wrong to think in that direction. However, success is not necessarily the absence of failure; as not being a failure does not ultimately declare one a success. You can decide not to be a failure and yet not be a success (strong words huh?). It’s a two way decision process. When the decision not to be a failure is not followed or by the decision to , mediocrity automatically fills the void (nature does not permit vacuum). Things don’t just happen. There is a safe haven between success and failure for anyone who thinks he has arrived. Yes you guessed right – average. Average is the diplomatic way of saying mediocrity. Decision not to be a failure helps you to where you are not a failure but yet not a success. On this ground, many arrive and build mansions rather than tents. However, this is not a surprise. You will push to the goal despite the achievement on the road, if you know what you want. On the other hand, if you don’t expect a thing and eventually get it or something close, it’s only natural that you revere it or probably settle for it. Donald Trump puts it well, “think big… or in my words expect big. Out of the many that are called, few choose to push to the end. Three factors would almost certainly guaranty failure in any venture.

1.Starting with only the now in mind: the statement “now is the best time” is not a general rule. Start with the end in mind. Man is intelligent; he will avoid certain misdeeds If only he pauses to consider the eventual outcome be his act. Anyone would readily take an opportunity that has an appealing now. Latter is a procrastinating word. They usually meet disappointment, those who do things for the present rush alone. If you start small in doing the right thing, you will most certainly grow with persistence, applying the right principles. If you start big, despising the small but necessary things that form your basis for laying the right foundation, you will most definitely end small.

2.Starting with the wrong motivation: your motive determines failure or success, it works In line with nature. Though it’s hidden and might not be lived out, by nature you will attract what you ask or deserve. Good motives often attract the right opportunities, events, and people to achieve its goals. Bad motives no matter how secretive and painted would eventually attract as it deserves. Motive is primary, it forms the basis on which values are created and habits formed. These two are key pillars on which character is created. Your character is who you are. Progress no matter how progressive is only temporal when the motive is wrong.

3.Doubt: doubt is when you can and think you cannot. When you doubt you create a war-zone between two strongly opposing parties within you. When this happens you divide your strength, skill and mind to achieve. You also call two incompatible forces, that of fear and faith. This leaves you handicap in the game of decision choice and focus. Though there be skill and ability doubt kills the strength and will to perform. And most certainly failure would be inevitable when you so much look in the direction of fear than faith.

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