We Get What We Want

It’s said that we have the power to attract anything to ourselves. As a man thinketh in his hearth so is he. In order words, you are what you think. Or you become what you think of yourself. You are outwardly, what your internal members concur to. It’s interesting to know that we are of different parts; the outer person and the inner person. So you can’t easily change the outer person without influencing first the inner being, as everything we become outwardly is eventually what we have up inwardly. The inner person could be an entirely different character altogether or could be controlled in a different manner from the outer person.

You live out what is already inbuilt within you. You can’t act out what your internal members have not built up within you. It’s believed that everything, action, words and mood a person displays outwardly is only an outcome of what reclines within him. Out of the abundance of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. Out of the scarcity in the heart the mouth keeps mute.

It takes wisdom and a wonderful personal character to reserve your comments when there is enough in your hearth to speak of. It only takes a little folly and lack of self control to always comment your reserve even when the reserve does not help the solution.

Can we actually attract that which we seek? Ask and it shall be given to you, Seek you shall find, Knock and the door shall be open to you. This is not a conditional statement. We usually get what we ask, whether by words of mouth or by our action. The action part is where people miss it. Whether you know it or not, every act you put has equal capacity to call things, as your words can. We usually attract what we think. However, there are things we deserve that we don’t get and there are things we ask we equally don’t always get. Why it happens that way I can’t tell.
When one is prepared with confidence in one’s ability he prays thus “oh God I have worked hard for this, give me what I deserve; victory is what I deserve”. The one who has prepared less and is unsure of winning then pray, “God gives me what I want, I want success”. While some people don’t deserve what they get, others simply get what they deserve.

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