4 Factors In Building A Foundation For Success

Taking a good look at the society today, you will find people with different levels of acquisition and success. However, the interesting thing is that each and every one of us shares one selfish, common goal: “to be successful”. But at the long run majority of those who share this goal don’t get to achieve the level of success they desire. This phenomenon has led to a lot of questions: Does success really have secrets? Why do majority who seek after success fail to achieve it at the level they desire?
As a matter of fact I met a colleague. His statements created further necessity to look into questions like the ones above. Is it true that most people are destined to be poor and other privileged few rich? These questions made me to look into the subject of success.
The objective of this article is to create the awareness that success can be initiated by our conscious effort to assume responsibility…as well as apply the natural laws of success; and to motivate us towards taking the necessary steps and the right approach that will put us in the path of success.

1. SELF DISCOVERY AND REALIZATION: We start existing the moment we are born, but we begin to live the very moment we discover our purpose of existence in first place.

What's the need for self discovery?
*Each individual has in him talent enough to live a comfortable life.
*Where purpose is not known the pursuit for significance takes over.
*Self discovery helps you define your fundamental objectives.
*Self discovery helps you ascertain either your progress or decline i.e. you must who you currently are, where you are and what level you operate; in order to define and design that you ought to be.
*It helps maintain focus (don’t put in front of you that you don’t want in you)
*Focusing on God’s words is necessary to fulfill God’s purpose.

Principles are basically the underlying natural laws that control the success of a system. Method on the other hand is the manifestation of played out principles. We can view principles as the lightening and methods thunder. Some basic principles to consider include:
Principle of sowing and reaping
Preparation before undertaking, this was well illustrated by the 10 virgins biblical virgins.
Principle of timing: time is the most convertible currency you have already to trade for what you want. There is always someone to pay for the time you invested
Principle of promotion: Dream for it, picture it, produce for it, patiently wait for it.
Principle of sequence, this is clearly observed in the creation of the world. There is the principle of first thing first. Sense before wisdom proverb 17:16
Principle of obedience (1 king 2:1-4) 1chorin22:12
Principle of using and loosing Mt 25:14-28
Principle of giving and receiving 1king 17:2 etc

Why do we need to live by principles?
They are natural laws that cannot be broken, methods are bound to fail
When you live by principles, you align yourself to achieve the desired success.
It put you in the path of opportunity.
One secret of success in any aspect of life is to know first, the principle that governs the system in which you operate. The law of integrative complexity says that individual who can integrate and use the greatest amount of information in any field soon rises to the top of the field.

Never give up: This is a common factor in every great achievement. A man is not measured only by the amounts of victories won, but by the number of obstacles he overcomes to finally stand.
Highly successful people don’t exhibit the habit of giving in to adversity. Failure cannot cope with persistence.

Add skill to your ability: competence could be refered to as one applicable meaning of skill. The essential element of any skill Is the ability to implement sequences of choices to achieve objectives. Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will serve kings; He won’t serve obscure men(Pr22:29). Talent can go as much as getting you a thing, but skill helps you to keep it. People pay for skill not talent, skill basically is “how to do…”
Out of all skills there is one common skill, it is the mind skill.
The power which resides in you is new in nature and none but you know that which you can do. Until you search to discover it you might never know your purpose. Mind skill has to do with harnessing the minds potential.

The Best Thing

It's amazing how people's life can be shaped by what they treasure. Little wonder the Bible says "where a man's treasure is there his heart is. The best thing could mean different things to different people. To the wise it is knowledge and understanding, to the fool it is pleasure. He that lives in day to day pleasure is a fool. No great height has been attained, no real good has been done to humanity in giving oneself to day to day pleasure. There would always be a time for pleasure, but there might never be a better time to till your ground and sow the seeds that would eventually result to you success.

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