What a Great Mind Can Do

Great minds are able to create multiple goals that are independent of each other as well as strategizing effective plan of achieving them at there times.


Seed of the Day

A lot of people wait for God to do everything for them forgeting they have a role to play...
God actually gives us the ability to will and to do according to His good pleasure and plan for us. Philipians 2:13


Tip of The Day

You maximize time and productivity each day you set out with a plan.

Seed of The Day

The greatest opposition that hinder us from attainining our goals and achieving success are more of internal resistance than external obstacles we encounter.


Where Did All The Time Go?

On the event day suddenly it downs on her like the sudden appearance of an expected guest unprepared for. Not that it was regarded as unimportant but the consciousness of its importance was beclouded by other preoccupation. It is very easy to regret and painful as well; but it is more painful to see yourself repeat the same mistakes you regretted over. Regret is not a bad thing on its own; either of two remarkable situations occur at the point of regret.

A defining moment is created which subsequently results in a turning point (this could be in either direction). One might decide to turn a new leaf for the best; the other might be so disappointed that they retrogress to the mercy of their mistakes. Regrets could spare disaster for some people it can as well create the necessary motivation for improvement.

As our faces are different so are our problems, needs, purpose, opportunity and direction of life.However, every person’s day is made up of 24 hours; none has more or less of it. Opportunity is created when time is used purposefully and efficiently. Time is the most convertible commodity you have, to trade for what you want; time is also the most volatile resource you can lose.
Ones strength or weakness can be determined when it matters the most. What a man cannot overcome becomes his temptation. What you are willing to walk away from you have mastered. What you cannot walk away from has mastered you – Mike Muddok
A lot of people desire to achieve success even when they have utter disregard for time management. It is amazing how people come to sudden realization of what has befallen them or what they have done to themselves for not using their time purposefully. Not being responsible with time is the quickest route
to mediocrity.
At the initial stage into a venture people tend do well, they put good effort and resource into it expecting to do even better with time. But the time factor will always play its role in deciding ones progress or decline. When one comes into a new environment there is a slight change in behavior, attitude and response to situation different from ones conventional methods; when one has fully adapted to that environment one of two things happen he lives out his normal life as used to before he came into that environment or he is challenged by the situation in the new environment to either work for the best or take a negative orientation that will eventually not help his mission. In the course of time during the process of adaption one could lose focus of ones main objective of being in that environment
or utilize his opportunity to achieve his objectives for being in that environment.

In deed there is a time and a season for everything. The knowledge of this truth will help you act wisely as well as position yourself for the opportunity each season brings. They say time cannot be bought but they are the most wasted resource available to each person. The problem with time management and utilizing available time to achieve needed result is not that people don’t know what to do; they often
lack the ability to carry out that which must be done.

The strength of a person is showed when he finds ability to do that which he knows is right and necessary. Our problem is not always the lack of opportunity but the ability to make result out of that opportunity. Sometimes it gets really difficult to find time in doing what should be done, majority of the hindrance people encounter is not the lack of time though, but our inability to focus and apply the right approach to getting things actualized. It’s very important to have a single eye. However having focus in life does not take away life’s problems neither does it get job done. Focus does three things;
It creates order even in the most chaotic atmospheres; it gives meaning to purpose; put your purpose in focus. When you begin to see what others do not see you start solving problems. Focus buys you time. You cannot buy time but you can buy time. With focus you get to accomplish more with less time.

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