Sharpening The Saw: An Effective Approach To Self Improvement

Success is a process, and like any process that does not take time to value and integrate the habit of sharpening the saw it soon deteriorates into failure. A workman who fails to equip himself for effective service by maintaining and upgrading his work means will not only be disappointed in the face of
opportunity he also will end up wasting more resources than is available to him.

The one who does not sharpen the saw is no much different from the one who has no saw. You have heard a lot about sharpening the saw over the period; but now you will discover resource that will help you enhance this habit; sharpening the saw.

Most people don’t get to experience the corresponding advance they strive for in their effort to sharpen the saw, professionally, academically and otherwise. The reason is not because they don’t try hard enough but because the have not integrated the right approach. Among these are: Note that sharpening the saw is a whole process on its own, this article helps to throw light on a habit that augment the main
thing, that is sharpening the saw.

Accountability: an unaccessed and unaccounted life is not truly worth living, the same is applicable to a process. Accountability in your strive for sustained excellence is key in the process of sharpening the saw. And like you and I know, it is easier to get to the top than staying at the top. But what does it take to stay on top?

1. Know that you are on top

2. Account for every time, action, effort applied to staying on top. This is very key, I think with accountability comes responsibility. One who thinks that success is only achieved only when he gets on top will soon be overtaken by those who see success as a continuous growth to excellence and perfection. By virtue of this (accountability) you grow from mistakes, you benefit from every effort applied toward your goal and you develop the responsibility that comes with

Get others on top. This is one secret many people fail to apply not because they don’t know about it but because they are afraid; afraid to be second best, afraid to break new grounds, afraid to step up to challenges. They think the only way they can stay on top is by keeping others down. A true winner is not the one that has nothing else to win but he is the one who helps others become winners. Before one could get another on top, he himself must be on top. Jesus said if you lift me up I will draw all men to myself.

In the process of sharpening the saw effectively, you have to account for every effort you put in, as well as the time and resources applied. Here are some practical questions to give answers in your effort to sharpening the saw;

What have I done to sharpen the saw? How much time and resources were put in to achieve this goal,what did I achieve from these efforts? Did I really sharpen the saw? How effective am I after this process? These necessary questions should be answered in your quest to accountability as regards the topic. Remember, a man could remain at the same level he is in forty years to come if he does not sharpen the saw.


Will Vs Performance

It is a popular saying that where there is a will there is a way. But have you ever wondered how easy it is to will?

Everyone wills to become one thing or the other, to achieve one goal or another however the functional aspect of the will process is the performance aspect of it.
We can will all we care as the saying goes one who wills shall find a way but whence does the power and ability to walk the way come from.

If it were all about willing, then people need not struggle to achieve their objectives. Will is only the starting point or initiator of achieving any goal or desire. Success is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

Many at times people will to achieve a goal,putting all necessities in place they still fail to actualize it. Why? You may ask; it isn’t because what they willed wasn’t important, it is not because they were not conscious of the importance of the task they set to achieve. It is mostly because the ability to perform their wills is not in them. Apostle Paul said “For I know that in me nothing good dwells. For to will is present with me but how to perform what is good I do not find.” Romans 7:18. It is always present in every man the ability to will; to will that which is good,to will that which is necessary and helpful, and to will success, to will good health and good living but I ask myself how many get to achieve them. Only if wishes were horses...

Anyone could be in adversity, if such one could believe and will to come out of that adversity then he will find a way. There is always an equivalent opportunity given to actualize every goal, desire, aspiration or a reaching out for.

However, when the will has been willed, the way found and the opportunity given,how to perform that which is good is what many cannot find. The one who gives answer to the question how usually gets the job (gets it done). Will without performance is the initiator of mediocrity.

It is however encouraging noting that like skill ability can be developed. We all are created with several abilities; while some make the best out of theirs others just waste it. A good combination of diligence,hard work, and commitment in showing faithfulness to that which is committed unto you will help
strengthen your ability for future responsibility.


Growing Right: Self Improvement Tips For Right Development

Every caterpillar is in reality a butterfly if it develops rightly –Grecu.

Man created in God’s image has a design of exhibiting greatness in carrying out his duties and responsibilities. However, in the process of growth and development many lose understanding of their functional design. To exhibit true greatness one must first understand oneself and purpose. Every tree is planted with the intention of growing to bear the right kind of fruit, but some don’t.

It is in the hand of every man to take personal responsibility of his development. With this in mind, how can one make oneself develop rightly? One must first recognize that one has in him the capacity to develop according to original design.

Already, what everyone needs to grow is in him, only that some fail to discover it. No man is born into this world whose work is not born with him. Before a farmer plants a seed, he weighs, accesses and examines the seed to certify its potency to grow and become. Every tree has the potential to produce its intended plant or tree with application of the right resources.

Know your source, attach to it and derive the most from it. You have to know yourself well enough to know what will enhance your development. A man who fails to discover and identify with his source of development will suffer deprivation.

Utilize your opportunity of development to develop others, true growth and development is shown when your development is a source of development to others. Make your development evident by contributing to the development of others.
Light up your path to development with information. He that seeks to become the best must have reasonable knowledge of the existing best.

Finding Purpose in Active Service

Lots of question has been asked about purpose but very few have asked about service. Purpose hasvirtually everything to do with service. Many a great men that have walked the face of the earth found their purpose in active service of humanity and by so doing made great impacts that can’t be forgotten in a hurry. One sure way of discovering purpose is by engaging in active service; service that is not prompted by ulterior motives or agenda.

Motives matter a lot, right goals with wrong motives when achieved does not yield the required impact because the motives are wrong. King Solomon asked for wisdom and he received in addition wealth, and all round peace; his motives were right. A lot of people try to cash on that method to no avail; their motives are not sincere (the giver – God searches and knows the heart).

Service creates an opportunity to discover our strength, to perfect them and to improve our weak points. When one shows faithfulness with a given opportunity, more is given him, service creates that opportunity to prove faithfulness.

The lists are endless of men who found their ultimate purpose in active service, these men never started with intention of getting their names into history books. But they served to improve lives and create positive atmosphere for themselves and others. The desire for improvement leads to creative ideas that
will really impact lives.

Service is the price you pay for the space you occupy. To find purpose, discover service.


The Dynamics Of Opportunity

Success or failure is highly influenced by opportunity. But how? You may ask. For every attempt to achieve an aim there is an equivalent opportunity. With the application of wisdom, skill and the right principles we consciously put ourselves in the path of opportunity.

There is the possibility as well as the opportunity to achieve the most of what we should each day. I think whatsoever we need to achieve our purpose is available to us by providence. It only takes understanding, a little bit of wisdom, and some divine direction to see and use the myriad of possibilities that elude us daily. He that sees what others do not see gets to solve more problems as well as achieve more.
Opportunity works like crane, each one used serve as a platform for another. Each missed, will in one way or the other hamper the success of forthcoming ones. That is why it’s always necessary to make the most out of available opportunity.
There are always two dimensions about opportunity. It either results in success or failure, depending on how one handles it. There is no in between, you either utilize it or you lose it. But be rest assured that the opportunity you did not take when you could might come back to hunt you.

Opportunity can be created. As one can create a pleasant atmosphere out of a repulsive one by aerating it, the same is analogous to creating opportunity. By identifying the possibility of what can be achieved and working towards it, we create the opening for that to be achieved.

A times, opportunities get to those who least deserve it while it eludes those who most deserve it (it’s natural anyway). This is where you need to be creative in applying the idea in the preceding paragraph. Most regrets we face in life are mostly as a result of the opportunity we fail to use.


How To Maximize Opportunity By Utilizing Time Effectively

Two of the most valuable resources a person can get are time and opportunity.Not everyone can put themselves to work in doing what it takes to be successful.
It is quite easy to come to terms with the fact that life has stages and
as the stages vary so does the type of opportunity. So a wise
person must not fail to condition and reposition himself to meet up.

Lack of opportunity is not an ultimate excuse to fail. This post will be highlighting certain guidelines which if taken will help you maximize and use two of the most important resources that could help materialize success you desire.

Opportunity and time are not the only factors in the equation of success.
“There are many ways to die but you have to figure out a way to live”. In addition I will state that “there are many ways to achieve success but the principle remains the same”. I made clear how easy it is to miss opportunity. I will attempt to relate time with opportunity to address the issues of opportunity.

1. Know that achievement can be harnessed or hampered by one’s time
management ability. The attitude of “there is not enough time now...” doesn’t tend to results. It only creates the in you the habit of procrastination, that's not what you want. Never leave for tomorrow what you can do today. The things that really matter are the ones we regard as having little or no impact. But these are the things that on the long run will decide our efficacy.

2. Know your priorities and set them out right: a purpose without a plan will
only tend to disappointment and failure. No matter how skillful and
effective one seems to be, there is always insufficient time to carry out
all the work one has to do. It is easy to stray from purpose when
there is no laid out plan. Apply the 20% to 80% principle (try to
achieve more in less time), it's quite demanding however, the results are quite impressive.

Effective time management begins with having the right goals and programming yourself to achieve it with time. It is a bit demanding to take stock of daily activities, however, you will experience real achievement in your personal life if you set daily goals and strive to achieve them.

3. Avoid procrastination: procrastination is the one of the most
common obstacles to achievement. Everyday comes with opportunity which if missed would require getting round the cycle again (let alone time lost) procrastination
is laziness and it is dangerous. The less you do the less you want to do.

4. Understand the cycle of events and opportunity especially that which
you seek.

5. Learn from your mistakes and success, but more from the experience
of others.

6. Focus on your strength while working on your weakness. You can maximize your strength and minimize your weakness by reducing your dependence on the weakness.

7. Be accountable for every time you use. Time is not just money, it is
your life.

8. Avoid wasting opportunity. The loss of presently available
opportunity will definitely result to the miss of future opportunity.
Present opportunity is a criteria for utilizing forth coming


6 Tips On How To Wake Up On The Right Side Of Bed

Most times we wake up feeling so sore, wishing we did not wake up. While at other times we feel great right from our rising. But have you ever wondered why this is so? Do you know that steps can be taken to positively influence how we wake up?

This post will attempt to reveal certain tips on how to wake up on the right side of bed. These tips will show to be very helpful if applied, it should rather be seen as a helpful suggestion than a principle to the title of this post.
The two sides of sleep play decisive role on one’s general state after rising. The listings below will positively influence this state on rising from sleep.

1. You must acknowledge and understand that sleep does a lot to improve you psychologically, physically emotionally and otherwise. In addition it is a gift from God; he gives sleep to his beloved. Ps. 127:2 sleep is an opportunity… it is sweet transition from the old to the new, the present past to the nearest future, from the spent to the brand new (whole)… the knowledge of this will help you appreciate it.

2. Don’t Carry Problems Over: The easiest load to conveniently carry about (unconsciously) is problem. People unknowingly carry their problems with them wherever they go (no matter how heavy the problem seems to be on them). Little wonder Jesus called to himself all who are burdened and heavy laden, to give them rest.
People carry their problems along wherever they go, by means of “thought”. Never carry problems into your sleep (by means of thought). In doing so, you are likely to wake with them. Since problems cannot be slept away, it is helpful to rest them before sleep. It is more preferred to wake soundly and take on problems, than sleep with worries and continue with them on your rising. This doesn’t make for a great start of a new day.

3. Have an idea of what to expect the next day: with strategic planning, knowing what to expect each time is not a problem. Strategic planning will help you know your purpose as well as put your purpose in perspective. Knowing your purpose will go a long way to preparing you for the responsibility ahead. Being in a prepared state of mind transiting into a new day is a great psychological boost.

4. Take Stock: Take stock of the day, this will show you whether you succeeded or were defeated in achieving your daily goals. The outcome will either motivate or discourage you…but you have choice.

5. Engage in serious meditation: This is for the soul and the spirit. The total well being of man consists not in his body alone but also in his soul and spirit. To be a complete and highly effective person these triplets should as a matter of fact be properly catered for. The right meditation (which could be in form of prayer, reading important/inspirational writings such as Bible, Koran etc) will resuscitate a person and emphasize his ultimate objectives. As food does good to the body, so does meditation to the soul and spirit.

6. Exercise: A light aerobic exercise every morning will go a long way to making you a total and sound person. A light exercise will restore your focus as well as keep you in good shape for achieving your daily goals. Applying these tips will set you on the launch pad for a great day.


Utilizing Opportunities: Learn How To Value Opportunities As Well As Use Them

It is very easy to miss opportunity

It is just one decision away.

It is just a waive of the head away.

It just takes a second of ignoring a chance to lose an opportunity.

Opportunities do not come as we expect them; they show up rough and vague seeming as problems.

When we ask God for a blessing he literally gives it to us without hesitation in the likes of opportunity.

But in our shallow thinking and inability to understand we often overlook and reject our God given opportunity for receiving the blessing we seek. It is very easy to miss opportunity. Many are the opportunities that come to man but often he does little or nothing to use them (that is if he even notices them).

Problems do not sound like opportunities do they? I learned this from a wise man that problem should not be seen as much as walls or obstacles to accomplishment than gates that lead to success which has to be opened and passed through.

In other words it would only be reasonable in a positive light to see problems as potential opportunities.

Oh come on, you will say; problems are problems and opportunities are opportunities. You are right in saying so, but I have come across many problems and I believe you have too. If you would take a moment to look closely, you will find in each of those problems lie an opportunity begging to be noticed.

It is very easy to miss opportunity, it is also very easy to rue over missed opportunity. However, it’s sadly funny how we repeat this horrible cycle of losing and rueing and losing another opportunity again. Hence, I quote Mr. Albert Einstein “only two things are infinite, the universe and man stupidity, and am not sure about the former.

We must learn to see each opportunity as a chance, too costly to pay its price when lost, that way we would be motivated to do what we can and should to pursue as well as use opportunities.


Words Of Wisdom

Situation will be the way it is until we do something about it.

The Laws of success do not permit lukewarmness; if you are lukewarm you lose.

There is no success without an earnest desire that drives one…

You don’t grow when you train without competing.

A goal without an action plan is just a dead dream.

What happens to us is not the problem but what we do after it. Where do you look for solution and how too?

We are not deceived with what we don’t like but with that which we want.

You never know what you are capable or incapable of until you encounter a real

Anticipate problems and attack them before the reverse happens to you.

To the wise, problems spot out imperfection that must be worked on or perhaps perfected.

To the rather foolish, problems signify obstacles that must be turned away from.

Reason on this statement and give me your comment:

“The first fool is not a fool, the second fool is”

The wise person learns not only from his experiences but more from the experience of others.


What Is success?

Everyone living under the face of the sun has goals, desires and expectations they want to achieve. But there is one common goal that virtually everyone wants to achieve, and that common goal is success.

It is interesting to know that this common goal vastly vary in viewpoint. Meet three persons and ask
each one what success is, you will get contrasting answers from each person.

What does that tell you? It tells me that virtually everyone has their own definition of success.

Hence the question:What Is Success?

To some people success mean living in a big house and riding expensive cars.

To others it is the acquisition of material things and the possession of unending wealth.

Some say it is having a happy family: a loving wife or husband with obedient and well to do children.

Yet others see success as living a happy life, free from debt and disease as well as affording whatsoever
they want.

There are those who see success as coming out of their present predicament and stepping unto an improved, comfortable echelon.

Still some equate success to being proficient in their field, and having others look up to them as very important, such that cannot be done without.

There are yet others who see success as being where they ought to be at every stage of life, not missing opportunities and achieving the goals they set to achieve.

As it stands, what one see as success can be seen as not a success by another.

Can success be defined by one of the above descriptions, or are we missing it when it comes to knowing what it really means to be successful in life? It is yet to be known if any of the above imagery matches
the true meaning of success.

To get an idea of what I mean, ask you this question and try to answer it:
What must I be or have right now to be termed as living a life of success?

I guess you answered sincerely and if you did, what did your answer tell you about your perception of success?

Despite the different views about success, one fact remains true: everyone has a goal to be successful.


Turning Misfortune Into Motivation

Rising up from a fall is not the hardest thing to do, but looking into the eyes of those who believed in you, those who thought you will never make it and finding motivation to start all over again and press on despite the shame, discouragement and the psychological burden of falling, especially when you do not deserve to fall.
It is easy to say “why me” when misfortune happen. And because we can’t always see the big picture, we often fall back and get discouraged.

Some people often get overwhelmed by misfortune that they think life is not worth it. For every purpose there is a time and a decision, because the sorrow of man is great in him. Ec 8:6.

The sooner we let this mindset be in us, the better our understanding of life. I cant imagine a life without self motivation, it must be really depressing. I have heard a lot of people say “life is not fair”.

But what is life?

Life is what you make it. You can make life or be made by life.

The same sun that shines on clay shines on ice, but while one gets stronger the other melts away. Your substance determines how you respond to life’s’ misfortunes.

What are you made of?

When Agama lizards fall from a tree it looks round to get acclamation but finds none, It nodes its head in commendation and continue on its way.

Do you always depend on someone for motivation to get your life kicking? What will you do when no one is there to do that for you?

The best motivation you can ever get is self motivation. Someone can help you up when you fall, but only you can make a decision to stay up and move on…


HOW To acquire The Information That Takes You To The Top

One obvious difference between the rich and the poor, the educated as well as the ignorant is in abundance or insufficiency of information they have. One is only as good as the amount of information
one possesses.

The new future is created when a man hears information. Little wonder the Almighty Father says “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…” Hos 4:6 when one rejects knowledge by whatsoever means one is unknowingly refusing the budding of a whole new season about to be revealed.

I am fascinated about the art of war, its tactics and everything that makes it an art or science perhaps.
And I have come to see from the whole picture that “the strength of your enemy is your ignorance”.

Has it ever occurred to you how most wealthy and highly educated people around you get to know how
much they know? I‘ll share with you the steps I have come to discover over the years that can be applied to accelerate ones climb to the top:

Have a link to the top: have a good network of information from experts or people who are better
informed than you. One thing that really holds people down is when they think they‘ve got it all.

Information drives the world today, each day you wake up asks yourself, what information you need to get you to the top or keep me on top. “Information is a source of learning. But unless it is organized, processed, and available to the right people in a format for decision making, it is a burden, not a benefit.”
William Pollard

Use the power of association: a woman was complaining bitterly about her son who always associates himself with people much older, smatter and better than he. Yes I understand her complain, she knows that her son will easily bear the brunt of the problems that occur with them, probably because he is the youngest. But I guess she did not understand that anyone would become wise that spends time with the wise. You do not have to be the best to associate with the best.

It’s easier to get to the top than stay at the top. Having a good link to the top can help.

Be inquisitive: as sure as a good ground will be blessed with good harvest, so will an inquisitive mind be
rewarded with the answers it seeks. I love to ask questions, since they will help me become better.

Getting information required to take or keep you at on top could require a master mind team. Build a reliable team around you to fill in where you cannot. Where there hands cannot reach, champions ride on the back of giants to reach. You cannot do everything yourself, the great minds and personalities the world has seen did not attain greatness by self might alone. But with the help of a good team they achieved greatness. You are as good as the team you work with.

The decisions you make are only as good as the information you have. The president of the United State gets prompts on information every morning at seven on the latest happenings he needs to know from experts in different fields. That is the spirit, take advantage and use every available information.

King David had strong and intelligent masterminds. With these mastermind he needn’t do everything.
He was a strong man yet he surrounded himself with stronger men. The people you let around you can
either lift you up or pull you down. He was intelligent yet he had the counsel of the wisest men around

This could seem easy, but very difficult to apply. Why? You may ask. Pride is the reason why. It’s impossible to learn with pride. A proud man is too high to notice opportunities that lie right under his
nose and all around him. "Information is the seed for an idea, and only grows when it's watered.” Heinz V. Bergen


Happiness Is A Choice

Happiness is a key aspect of success. It would be difficult to disconnect success from happiness. There is this perception that happiness has everything to do with the rich than their counterpart, sometimes it tends to be true.

However, it’s crucial to emphasize that happiness is not solely a result of wealth or abundance; “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”-Herman Cain

If happiness really is a thing of choice, it then suggests that people who find themselves in sad depressed shape deliberately chose to be that way. Personally, I don’t think anyone would deliberately opt to live a sad depressed life, sometimes these things just befall us and we find it difficult to break free. When this happens a lot of people go chasing fading shadows rather than solution.

People don’t necessarily choose to live sad depressed lives, they only fail to do what is necessary to be happy and stay happy. “Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.”

Anybody can be happy despite the situation. It only requires understanding and a little bit of self control. There are steps one must take to keep happy despite the state of affairs:

Get to understand
: many sad depressing situations we encounter result from poor and negative response to the problems we face. Therefore we have to understand that external problems we encounter should not engulf and control other areas of our lives. Though it’s quite difficult, we must learn how not to shift problems from one aspect of our lives to other unrelated aspects. Happy is the man who…understands Prov 3:13

that happiness is not necessarily the absence of sadness or problems neither is it ensuing from riches. It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness. -Spurgeon

Use yourself as a yard stick
: if you want to keep happy, don’t use the achievement of others to measure your own improvement. It is wisdom to understand that life is a race and your opponent is you. Work and grow at your pace. However this doesn’t suggest you should compromise hard work, timing and diligence. You might never get to be that happy fellow you want to be if you measure your progress by the achievement of others, because whether you like it or not, you will always see things that will challenge you and meet people with better advantages than you. Happy is the soul that has something to look backward to with pride, and something to look forward to with hope. -Wilson

Choose to hear right
: after her observations at the royal palace of King Solomon, queen Sheba stated; ‘Happy are your men, happy are your servants, which stand continually before you, and that hear your wisdom’. Happiness doesn’t just fall from I don’t know where; you have a role to play. Get to hear words that stir your being towards happiness. Say things that make people happy; your words at this point are very important.

Be happy when corrected
: one interesting thing about humans is that we tend to detest anything that will oppose our intention. Someone once corrected me in a harsh manner, to his amazement rather than be angry at his tone and manner of correction I responded quite cheerfully. That singular act changed his countenance and the general impression in the room…. happy is the man whom God corrects: therefore despise not the chastening of the Almighty Job 5:17.

Help bring happiness to others
: joy doesn’t only come by sharing it also comes by caring and helping. Be humane enough to help someone in need, be a light for someone in the darkness of her confusion, give little comfort to the one who is in despair… he that hath mercy on the poor, happy is he. Prov 14:21

Avoid frustration
: anger comes before frustration and it doesn’t take long before it turns into sadness. Frustration can mean that you are expecting too much or that you know you should be doing more.
If money or power can buy happiness then the author of the book of Ecclesiastes should have been overjoyed. He tried at one point to make a test of pleasure by seeking happiness in his in riches. And his conclusion went this way ‘So my mind was turned to grief for all the trouble I had taken…’ Eccl 2:20’
Happiness depends on a lot of factors but most importantly it depends on you, first chose to be happy irrespective of circumstance. Life tends to smile back at those who smile at it.


Develop Your Decision Making Skills By Working On Your Ability To Learn From Experience

“The difference between school and life? In school, you're taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you're given a test that teaches you a lesson.” -Tom Bodett

Success should not be seen only in the big picture as a big great bang. Rather it should be seen as a process that begins with internalizing certain principles which if applied would help work one's climb to the top.Being successful require one’s ability to deliver results as at when needed. Nobody wants failure, we all want to get results and be successful. However, achieving the right results begins with making the right decisions. Decision making is a very critical aspect of living a successful life.

In this article you will learn how to improve your decision making skills by enhancing your ability to utilize “experience and intelligence” towards achieving the right results. Experience, being the knowledge gained by repeated trials can only be of any benefit when intelligently applied to present situation. You will drastically reduce the likelihood of wrong decision making/repeated failure by applying these mind enlightening tips:

Learn to learn from experience: the question is not how much you have experienced but what actually you have learn t from it, which is what eventually pays. Experience is not always about years and decades, the seconds and minutes that trickle into hours are as important as the years you suppose will create experience. Value every second to learn from it. Apply the DON’T principle and you will be amazed at what you will achieve. There are two fundamental virtues that you gain when you discipline yourself to learn from experience

You gain the ability to discern time,

you also gain a good sense of judgment

Be patient: patience creates experience; you will never find the opportunity to learn and pick valuable lessons from an experience if you don’t take your time in seeing it through. The world today is that fast that people compromise time and excellence. My father always tells me “better do a thing perfectly, than cover multiple tasks without actually doing any of them well” The greatest minds have one common attribute they share which is “patience”. The finest footballers are those that are patient on the ball, and because they spend time on the ball they virtually don’t think of what to do when on the ball.

Be intelligent: Intelligence like success is not a rear gift bestowed on a selected few, when you decide to have it, seek it and you will find it. Things don’t just happen they are made to, virtues are not always born they are also learnt. Intelligence begins with the details; it comes with perception and action. Experience gives you what to expect while intelligence tells you what to do and perhaps how to execute it. Your perceptive ability to sort and utilize the slightest of information in a given data to achieve result is being intelligent. Intelligence is the ability to read situations, know intentions and create the stuff needed to act accordingly. The best results can also be achieved by obtaining the information for making the right decision. Information is the basis for important decision.

Utilize the power of repetition and consistency: repetition is the mother of retention. Train your mind to preplay events, that way you get prepare for them as well as familiarize with the situation so much so that you almost don’t think of what to do when you encounter it. I have found that the more time one spends trying to reach a decision, the more complex and difficult it seems to achieve. Prioritize the exercise of your mind; you can’t afford to leave the mind quiescent. Consistency is everything else; success is more of consistency than skill.
It is a fact that history has a way of repeating itself, and most times for the sad reasons. Certain unpleasant things will continually repeat on you until you gain their experience and master them. History will be kind to me for I intend to write it- Winston Churchill

Experience begins with the decision to learn and master a situation. Experience doesn’t come by doing something over and hoping that you will get to the point of absolute familiarity and mastery of it. Experience is more of taking the decision to master a thing than hoping for it to happen.

Being advance in age is not experience, your ability to master a thing is. Failures and mistakes are often repeated, not because one has not had enough encounters to learn from, but because one has failed to take that vital decision to master the situation.

 Keep the lesson fresh in mind. Out of mind they say is out of sight, it’s like mathematics it leaves you as soon as you leave it. Remember it’s the lessons learnt that you are keeping in mind and not the experience in its entirety. Bearing the whole experience in mind can reduce your momentum for success especially when you dwell on its failures. The more you think of success the more likely it is to achieve.


Coping With Difficulty In Challenging Times

Desperate times call for desperate measures, like you well know; courage is not proven in times of comfort but it is tested in desperate and challenging times. It’s kind of discouraging to encounter unexpected difficulties that defy a preplanned strategy for an objective. Our determination or disadvantage is made evident on a daily basis by virtue of the challenges we face. A strategic plan will always anticipate challenges as well as take care of them.

But there are times when even your best of plans seem to encounter difficulties that defy their strategy and potency. Now what do you do in such situation? Do you give up on it or do you strive to succeed with it, even when everything seems to point to an impending probable failure?

This one thing I do, I try to be realistic with a positive, can do outlook on the situation. The fact is that you can’t always win, but it will only be cowardly if you choose to dash an opportunity for fear of failure. Only losers hold such principle (rather not attempt it than do and bear the embarrassment of failing). There are two fundamental questions I ask myself:

-Is this winnable?

-Do I stand the slightest of chances?

Answering these questions technically and sincerely will, on the positive aspect create a massive determination in me capable of propelling me through any opposition that the challenge might pose. There’s nothing that rouses one like a little opposition.

Learn to be self motivated: challenges don’t ring bells before they show up, so you will do well not just to expect them but to prepare for them. However, motivation is very important. Some people find it difficult to motivate themselves in times of calamity. To live that happy life in addition to having a positive outlook on life one must come to the point of self motivation. This involves getting the body, soul and spirit to appreciate the motive towards actualization.

Learn to stand up to challenges: If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small. Stand up to your challenge. My mother use to say “what doesn’t think (inanimate) cannot outwit that which does”. Failure establishes only this, that our determination to succeed was not strong enough. –Bovee. Only robots are designed to avoid obstacles on their path. You are not a robot are you? You are endowed with a unique ability to handle and overcome challenges; challenges are opportunities in disguise.

And remember, no temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man; but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it.


Tips On How To Get Out Of Boredom And Achieve Fulfillment

Quote of the day "Boredom comes from a boring mind."

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that leaves you completely docile and passive, even when you are willing to make a positive move but you can’t just help it? Then know for sure that boredom has set in. Boredom is the inability to accept the moment for what it is , boredom is the failure to accept the situation and utilize it for achieving the purpose of the moment. A lot of times people find themselves in such situations where they seem to have lost the passion and drive to get things going even when the y have their work well spelt out. Boredom is the neediness for something "exciting" to happen. Boredom if not handled wisely can set one backpedaling. It could be difficult finding your interest when you lose it, this could eventually lead to the neglect of that responsibility. Like I always say “neglect will eventually lead to regret”. Learn not neglect responsibility no matter how small they seem (that is discipline right there).boredom is the inability to see the opportunity in the moment, One bad thing about regret is that it doesn’t call back lost opportunity. You can only care about what is of interest to you, and it is only natural to show responsibility in that which you pick interest in. no reasonable person has time enough to waste chasing what will not lead to her improvement as well as her general well being.
Boredom is the refusal of accepting what is, it is craving for what is not at the time it shouldn’t be. Boredom is the acceptance of what is pleasurable over what is pertinently right. Boredom is that situation when the mind and the spirit cannot get the body to cooperate in dealing with the issue at hand. Boredom is the compromise of the mind with the body to reject responsibility and accept weakness. To overcome boredom it takes more than a slash of water to the face. These tips will help you handle and overcome that sinking feeling when next you hemmed in by it.
#1 Know your responsibility: the fastest way to be irresponsible is when you don’t seek to know as well as do you responsibility at each given moment. Time is very important, time is not money it is a bit of your life.

#2 Affirm yourself of your responsibility: be conscious of your responsibility, the purpose you have in mind you will seek to achieve. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. When you speak something achieving it becomes a priority.

#3 Apply Discipline: boredom is lose of control; it is the failure to see the opportunity before our very eyes. The first and most important discovery for any purposeful person is self discovery; it takes discipline to be in control. There are times when you just loss total control and allow boredom rule you. At such times taking a good cool shower can help, I tell you this works. Just get under the water and you will come out a new you, ready to go.

#4 Choose to be happy: boredom is born of ignorance and unconsciousness. when boredom takes control, one loses all sense of satisfaction. One will never get to lasting happiness and satisfaction when one assumes that happiness is limited to life’s present circumstances. Real and lasting happiness is always experienced within. You choose to laugh to a joke, you can choose to be happy despite the present circumstance.

#5 Be the impact: the surest way to gain satisfaction is by affecting someone positively. You gain an incredible sense of satisfaction when you know that someone’s life has just been made better by what you have done. I have been applying this principle and I have always been motivated by it.
So the next time that sinking feeling sets in apply these tips and seek for someone to impact positively. Boredom cannot be quenched; you can only get out of it.


Overcoming Fear-Tips On How To Face, Handle And Overcome Fear

Have you ever been obsessed by fear, so much that your life activity come to a total freeze? Everyone has fears which is not uncommon, but the issue is
how to overcome the fear.
Challenges are encountered in daily life and with poor orientation these challenges can pose as threats to ones confidence as well as create unnecessary fear that end up captivating and restricting you from achieving the desired success.

Here you will learn tips and information that will help to handle and overcome fear as it comes. You will understand the causes of fear, how it plays, how to overcome your fear and be in control of your life.

False Evidence Appearing Real (F.E.A.R) is a quite familiar connotation of the word fear. You might want to ask, is fear really false? But whatever your concern, it is as real as it gets. Statistics shows that social fear ranks high amongst other fears that people exhibit. Fears of speaking in public, fear of rejection, that of failure, etc are quite a number of fears but there is one that leaves cowardly footprints and regretful ramification. It is the fear of criticism, a lot of people would rather be dormant, complacent and hidden, than face criticism. Some people would keep their opinions without knowing how helpful it could be, just for fear of being criticized.

I object to the statement that fear is as important as the feelings of love or joy. Fear is destructive; humans are born with instincts that keep them consciously aware of danger and not necessarily to create unnecessary fear.

I. Know the cause:
for every reaction there was an action that prompted it, to overcome your fear you must seek not just to control it but to understand it. Know the reason for your fear and the cause of it, don’t go about treating the symptoms without first knowing the cause (a problem known is half solved). The problem is without, but the fear is within.

• Fear is begotten of ignorance; you have every reason to fear if you are ignorant of you responsibility, capability or even the opportunity available to you.
• Not doing what you know you should, can result to being afraid of the consequences of failure, fear is of the mind and your conscience plays a big role.
• Fear can also result from threats; such fears are grim and can lead to serious obsession. But worry not; you shouldn’t be afraid of death that you never get to live.
• Unpreparedness is the major cause of fear in many aspects of life. Unpreparedness comes before inferiority complex and no doubt, in a competition if you see someone better prepared than you, inferiority complex sets in and thereafter the fear of failure.
II. Face it: you don’t stand a chance with what you can’t confront. If you want to overcome your fear you must be willing to face it fair and square knowing that if you don’t, it will have the upper hand and you will be controlled by fear. That’s not what you want, you want to be confident with sound mind, you want to be in control and not to be controlled (by unnecessary fear). In facing your fear you familiarize with it thereby gaining the needed confidence to overcome it. You will deal better with a problem that you are familiar with.

III. Words matter a lot: like I stated earlier, the cause is without but fear is within. In times of fear your words is to the mind what oil is, to an engine. You can’t afford to be negative, don’t feed your fear with negative words/thoughts that will fuel its flame. Think, speak and act confidently even if you don’t feel so. That way you will create belief in you. And remember confidence is key
IV. Justify your conscience: to overcome fear you must justify your conscience by justifying your responsibility. You know what you should do to affirm your confidence in that you have done what is require of you to achieve your objective. Not doing it will create in you the thought of failing in that responsibility which will in turn, result to the fear of its implication.

V. Focus: get your mind focused, not on your fear but on something of importance to you at that moment other than your fear. That is, if you have done what is required of you, regarding the causes as stated in #1.

Most of the fears that we generally exhibit are learned, they are by no means natural. We should be consciously aware and not afraid. Everybody has fears but it becomes an issue when you allow your fear to consume you. It becomes a problem when you are obsessed by it, in that you allowed it to occupy a greater percentage of your efficiency. Fear is bondage it restricts you from achieving. “It is fear that kills not inability.” Know your support, ability and the opportunity available to you. That will cast out fear and create confidence in you.


Risk Taking In Everyday Life- 3 Reasons Why You must Take Risk

There are three types of people, those who take risk, those who don’t and those who admire or analyze it. There is this misconception about risk which has been bought by so many. They think of risk as danger, everyday of our lives we take risks without knowing it, we are faced with the challenge of making decisions without knowing the outcome (that is risky isn’t it?). Boarding an airplane or striking a match is a risk and anyone most likely would be willing to take because of necessity. The greatest and most useful inventions available to us today are born out of risk so why won’t you take risk.

The ability and courage to take risk is something every result oriented person should possess. Life is all about making choices, while some favor you others lead to a sore regret. Some times it requires thorough ruthlessness to achieve your earnest desire. Some things will never happen until you take the risk to go the extra mile in making it happen.
The worth of an achiever is measured by what she is willing to sacrifice for success. However it’s also noteworthy that success is not all in all as some people will like to cut corners in order to achieve success. Today, progress has taken the place of perfection. In the words of Jefferson-I will sacrifice my life to achieve success but not my integrity”
3 reasons why you must be a risk taker

I. Taking calculated risk puts you in the path of opportunity:
opportunity begets possibility; one of the surest ways of putting yourself in the path of opportunity is by going all out for it. There used to be a time when I shy away from certain opportunity I see as risky. But when I realized the secret of success I came to understand the real essence of taking the risk to grab opportunity as it comes. People shy away from opportunities for different reasons; it is basically due to fear. Fear of failure or disappointment, opportunity they say comes but once but I always oppose it because I have seen lots of opportunity come and go (but not without taking advantage of it). But note this one fact, “opportunity comes to those who prepare for it, it does not pass by those who properly position themselves for it.” It is a fact.

II. Not taking risk impels you from taking action: where there is movement there is improvement, but don’t think progress can happen without taking necessary action to implement it. In my previous post
3 Action Steps For Planning, Implementing And Achieving Your Goals
I talked extensively on action in relation to success. Some people that see risk as danger or a no go area tend to shift or responsibility. They always give excuses and reasons not to take action. Breaking your bounds require ruthlessness which is facilitated by the desire to take decisive action. Heaven never helps the men who will not act. -Sophocles

III. Risk taking enables you to deal with challenges and not run from them: do you shy away from challenges? Man is of few days and full challenges. Whether you fancy it or not challenge is one thing every human must face so you had better get used to it. One way to overcome boredom is by taking up challenges; nothing rouses up a man like a little opposition. It is risky taking up challenges but also rewarding, they are seen as cowards those that fail to do what they should because they think it is risky. Don’t see risk as danger if you do you will avoid it and thereby miss your opportunity. Taking up challenges is risky especially when you do it unprepared. That’s basically why people miss out on opportunity they shy away from challenges because they are not prepared. The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes. –Disraeli The riskiest thing is not taking a risk when necessary.
But it is all up to you, every risk to be taken is a challenge and in every challenge there lies an opportunity to get something achieved.


3 Ways To Turn Anger Into Zeal For Constructive Use

Anger has been interchanged with zeal for a long time. Both words seem alike but vary drastically in demonstration, application and result. Anger, like zeal is emotional and natural, with physical and psychological effects. Anger is a physical response to threat that can be used for constructive purposes. Over the years I have learn t to utilize anger and turn it into zeal. Yes, you can turn anger into zeal and adequately utilize it to overcome difficulties that meet with it. Anger can be passive; it can also get aggressive and really explosive.

This article will help you understand simple steps on how to turn anger into zeal that defeats difficulties. A trapper’s wife was brought to the Alaska wilderness. She was cut down by death. Their child was about two years old. In the course of his trapping, the trapper sometimes left the child for a few hours in the care of their faithful dog. On such absence one afternoon a terrible blizzard came up. The storm was so terrible that he had to take refuge under a hollow tree to save his life. At day break he rushed to the cabin. The door was open. His dog who looked at him from the corner of his eyes was covered with blood. The father’s blood froze in his veins. Just one thing had happened- his dog had turned wolf and killed his child. He reached for the axe, in a moment the same was buried into the skull of his trusted animal. Like a maniac he scanned the scene. In hopeless desperation he uncovered the gruesome remnants of his cabin. Tipper over, the cracked furniture was telling a story of battle that had taken place here an hour before. A faint cry came from under the bed. Again his heart seemed paralyzed. There he found his offspring safe and sound. Just a moment of pause to cuddle his dear on in his arms and he was perplexed whence the blood on his dog came. The answer came a second latter as he found in a remote corner a dead wolf, his huge mouth showing fangs intended for the baby which his faithful dog had saved. Story by Marvin O. Ashton.
The story had a rather sad remorseful end, no thanks to the recompense of anger.

-Anger causes loss in self monitoring; this makes it easy for an angry person to be mistaken. In its strong form it prevents the ability to exert cognitive control.
-Anger triggers adrenalin, shunts blood away from the gut and towards muscles in preparation for physical exertion. It increases heart rate, blood pressure and respiration, which can adversely affect the human system.
-An angry person can loss objectivity, empathy, prudence, thoughtlessness and cause harm. Anger has an extra ability to decrease productivity and increase stress.
Turning anger into zeal: Anger wants it now, it does not facilitate patience in any way however, zeal works with understanding. He that can have patience can have what he will. –Franklin. Asking yourself these 3 simple questions will help you deal effectively with anger and turn it into result achieving zeal.
#1 Why am I angry? People who express anger attribute its arousal to what happened to them, which is true. Sometimes people do lack the capacity to control what happens to them but we all have the ability to decide how we react and respond to events that come upon us. Giving a sincere and realistic answer to the above question will help you understand the root cause of the anger as well as finding practical solution to it. If you can decipher the cause you are half way to dealing with the anger. Seek first to understand the cause and let every other thing take its course.
#2 Am I the instigator of my anger? You can be the cause of your anger. Having a guilty conscience from failure could result to anger. Failure to do or not to have done what is necessary could result to anger. In this case you must take active steps to turn such anger into productive use. If left alone such anger would only result to blame, self pity, stress and depression. Get over the failure by first learning the lesson, and then taking firm decision to avoiding and correcting the cause of failure in the future.
#3 Have I done what is necessary to prevent and abate my anger? Anger has boundless limits, when aroused can grow into something else. A lot of people say that they can’t control their anger, but the truth is that anger can be controlled and directed towards constructive use. Anger is not another personality with a different mind; you can feed your anger to destructive proportions with the thoughts of your mind as well as direct it accordingly. You probably can’t control anger when you consciously believe you can’t, but if you constantly affirm that you are in control of your emotions (anger), you will gradually gain control over it when you constantly affirm it. Do what is necessary to turn destructive anger into result bound zeal, by forgiving yourself or the cause of anger and focusing that passion towards a difficulty that requires the creativity of your mind. Don’t try to bottle up your anger into bottomless depths, if you do it wont remain for long before it explodes. You don’t want to keep struggling with your anger, you want to deal with it one time, and you want to turn it into result achieving zeal.
Turn your anger into zeal by applying reasoning and understanding. Zeal is eagerness and ardent interest in pursuing something. It is a passionate devotion and tireless diligence to further and achieve a cause. Nevertheless, anger has an important role to play because it usually comes before zeal, zeal can be initiated from anger, to a degree though. Though anger has functional value to survival, it is still a bad catalyst as well as enhancer when not properly applied. It is very easy to err when angry but the prudent increase determination with zeal.


Discovering And Utilizing Your Untapped Human Resources

There is in every human currently, the unfulfilled capacity to improve, develop, and achieve impressive feats. Did you know that the most unexploited location on earth is not the deep seas or the thick forests yet to be penetrated? That exploratory area rests under every man’s hat. You will be stunned by the massive amount of resources that lie untouched in humans. A research revealed that, one human being has enough nuclear energy to bring down a whole city. However it is interesting to know that the most important resources on earth today are human resources. Scientists can forecast the depletion point of natural resources, but there is no prediction to the limit of the human resource. Natural resources deplete with time as opposed to the human resource which gets better with experience. No human is utterly useless; no sensible person is a waste even though some people can’t see and exploit the value in them. Everyone has something to offer because no singular person has it all and nobody lacks it all.

There is something between your ears yet to be discovered and developed. Many have died without discovering the hidden treasures within them, there are many great names that have passed on without attaining their full potential, without covering the grounds assigned to them. A writer wrote; ‘the richest place on earth is the cemetery…’ you might wonder at that statement but don’t let your heart be troubled; for only at the cemetery will you find those who died with enormous potential in them, unexploited. They walked through the sand of time without knowing they had in them, great untapped potential to accomplish enormous feats. Today, not a lot of people care about digging deep to bring out the giant in them, a lot of people just want to get on with the life and survive. However, to be effective and resourceful you need to do more than survive. With hard work and discipline powered by information and determination you need to break through the hard shell of average living. In every man there is a seed of greatness. And for every great man that had been, there was in him a craving for self discovery, discipline and self improvement.

#1 Realize you:
self actualization begins with self realization. Life begins a new when one wakes up to the realization of oneself. Lots of people come to realization when they are forced to a tight corner; others achieve that in the process of soul searching meditation, as they seek to achieve personal development. However, in which ever way you choose, the decision is yours to make. I will liken living to dreaming, where unbelievable things happen but tangible things can only be achieved when you wake up to the real thing. Dreaming will continue indefinitely until something causes a wake up, likewise some situations will continue until we wake up to realize what is not happening. That wake up to actualization begins with self and purpose realization. The sooner you realize you are not standing the better prepared and informed you are for the rising.

#2 Discover purpose
: everyone was made to fulfill a purpose and everything has its purpose. It’s your sole responsibility to discover and work on the portion that is assigned to you. Set your mind to reason on vital issues and the required answers will grace your understanding. Take time out from all the distraction and reflect on your purpose of living and you will gain a sense of focus and direction in it.

#3 Maximize your potential:
each human has in him enough potential, not just to sustain him through life but to help him live an outstanding, fulfilled and highly effective life; if he so determines. To remain effective in this ever advancing civilization, you must learn to adapt personal education and training, while acquainting yourself with the trends hence being flexible and effective amid change. If you have not read the article “The Secretes Of Growth And Personal Development”, please do; it will help you learn certain skills to capitalize on your potential and develop with each passing day.
“It is not too hard to achieve, when you know your purpose.”
Since the fall of man, his course has altered from occupying, dominating, and multiplying; to essentially striving for survival. This struggle for survival has resulted to a swing in the prime pursuit, purpose and fundamental focus of man. Therefore man must strive not just to stay alive but also to realize himself, discover his purpose, make the most of his potential and fulfill his ultimate mandate.


The Secretes Of Growth And Personal Development

Why do people never grow? They complain at the face of every challenge, even when they are familiar challenges they have overcome in time past and are capable of overcoming now; they just choose to complain. Don’t complain over what you have no intention to change. Growth is one thing everybody wants, whether in business, career, family or in any field one might possibly think of. The opposite of growth is depreciation and it doesn’t take long before a thing dies when it starts depreciating. The world is fast moving on and leaving behind everything that fails to grow with it. This article is designed to reveal the crucial and fundamental things to be done for growth to take place. Anybody that desires growth in any field he operates in, needs to understand that like success growth is not accidental neither is it spontaneous. A writer wrote, “except for the books you read and the people you meet, you will remain in five years time the same person you are now.” Some people hope to reach great heights and attain enviable positions, which is a good thing to do, but very few take interest in developing themselves first. You have to be built up to stay up, if you jump up you will come down.
Growth begins from the mind and grows from there. Guard your mind with all diligence for out of it comes the issues of life, even those that will eventually produce your growth.

#1 desire growth: if your desire is pale and flabby, your achievement will follow that same hue and consistency. An earnest desire for growth is very essential before anything else will take place at all. Have that desire to improve in your field of choice. Your desire for growth is far more important than you realize. He who intends to grow must first desire it and then do all it takes to achieve it.

#2 believe in yourself: lack of self believe is one reason why a lot of people don’t get to achieve what they want even when they can. In the article “how to gain the trust and confidence of others”, I talked about self confidence and believing in oneself. You can get the whole world to believe in you, but if you don’t believe in yourself, you can’t achieve what is expected of you. What matters is you believing in yourself not who believes in you. Don’t think this is the best you can be, no matter how worse you are don’t even think you cant grow above that. I met a man who was telling me that one can’t change ones destiny. He had been through a lot in life and he has done all he could without breakthrough. Then he came to that conclusion. I have seen lots of people far worse than he; they defied the odds to grow beyond their weakness. The truth is if you think and believe you can, then you can but if you cant then you won’t.

#3 educate yourself: education does not only lie in the four walls of an institution. You can grow yourself beyond expectation outside an institution. Great men that have lived on this earth have. The best and most important part of every man's education is that which he gives himself. –Gibbon. The best way to be relevant in a fast and demanding world is by educating yourself. Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for growth and success in any field.

#4 practice, practice, practice: the key to perfection and excellence is practice after learning. Even if you learn all you want without practicing it, there is possibly no way you can perfect in it. Ask any expert in their field how they got their level of perfection, and they will tell you “practice and more practice”. It is not for sports people alone, anybody who learns must practice to grow, practice to be who you want to be. You don’t grow when you learn, train without competing or showing it. Because in competing, problems are discovered. Problems spot out imperfection and with that, a wise person will know what to do.

#5 develop when you DON’T: strive to grow. Develop yourself by discovering one new thing every day (DON’T). That way you grow with each passing day. Condition your mind to be receptive to discovering new things, new methods, new ideas and you will be sure to grow with each passing day. Remember, you are king in what you discover.

#6 self discipline: your ability to determine your highest priority and then work on it until it is completed is the primary test of self discipline, willpower and personal character. People tend to resent things that will make them leave their comfort zone. And this is a big problem to growth and development. To achieve our goals, sometimes we have to do and take certain measures that we are not comfortable with. If self discipline is not in your tool box for achieving success in life, do all you can to get it, for it is the ability to make yourself do what you should, when you should, whether you feel like it or not.

#7 get a coach: some people need as little as someone to advice them what to do for them to grow past their present point. If you can attain the height you so desire, then getting a coach to help you is not a bad decision. If a coach is what you need to develop yourself and grow beyond your status qou, get one.

#8 there is need for intelligence: you must be intelligent enough not just to know the right thing to do, or the wrong thing not to do, but to know what is appropriate and to do it. Applying what you know require intelligence.

#9 don’t be content with the level you currently operate: don’t maintain the status qou, rather improve it. You will be tying down yourself as well as inhibiting the possibility of further development if you think where you are is “it”. Keep growing, for that is the best way to avoid deterioration.

#10 get around people who are already there:
you cant get past what you don’t see. A good way to get to where you want to be is by getting around those that are already there and learning from them. You cant fly with the eagles if you keep scratching with the chickens.

#11 bear your purpose in mind and meditate on it
. You must picture yourself at that expected level, by meditating on what you want to achieve (growth and development), you generate more interest towards it and by power of meditation you gain valuable ideas to achieve it. For where your heart is, there you put your treasure and resources. If the dream is held close to heart and imagination is applied to what is at hand, everything is possible.

#12 invest your resources towards your growth. A lot of people want to get everything for free. But if you are waiting for free you might have to wait for a very long time. If you take your development seriously, you will do all it takes to achieve it. Invest your time, money and effort in developing yourself or be left behind by a world that doesn’t tolerate mediocrity, neither does it wait for anyone.

#13 don’t grow wild. Wild trees produce wild fruits. You don’t want to harm people, do you? Be intelligent and grow well not wild.

Don’t take others as a milestone for your development, if you will ever grow past them. One way to be very inefficient is to live in past glories. Grow with every challenge and opposition, an intelligent person will from his challenge spot out his need. Like the body needs food to grow the mind also need something to feed on, that keeps it in positive and productive shape in order to grow. It is very important not to feed the mind with yesterdays failure if you want to achieve tomorrow’s success. Grow your mind first, for when the head pulls through, the whole body follows. Be willing to pay the price for growth, personal development takes time but there is discipline in waiting for something that is coming to you especially if you have done all to achieve it. Don’t spend the whole time focusing on your weaknesses while depriving your strengths, thereby turning your strength into part of your weakness. Efficiency and effectiveness is increased when people lay more emphasis on their strength while working gradually to improve an d strengthen their weaknesses. People are more productive, happier and creative when utilizing their strength?


Three Action Steps For Planning, Implementing And Achieving Your Goals

Over 49% of the result of a general survey attributed the failure of business, goals, purposes and projects to planning related issues. The result underlines the importance of not just planning, but proper and strategic planning. Successful planning begins with the details and grows from there. Planning is quite different from preparation; one might be prepared for a thing one has not really planned for. Having a strategic plan is an integral and fundamental part of achieving goals and purposes. Planning can be as easy as sitting down and contemplating in expectancy how things will play out. You don’t want to put yourself in the category of those who plan by mere head thought alone, do you? Like I always say, successful people plan on paper. Planning can also be taken a step further by obtaining, organizing, sorting, brooding, removing, working into a pattern as well as strategizing a model that if achieved would produce the desired success. Enormous care and effort would be required in strategizing a plan for success, in planning you are operating on simulated experience and that underlines the need for creative thinking. This could add up to the reasons why lots of people don’t plan effectively. Where there is a goal there must be a plan. Failure could result not because people deliberately want to fail; they only failed to plan for success.

#1 Prepare your plan outside the situation: Noah did not start building the ark when he encountered the flood. You can’t plan in the situation to succeed, since planning is a simulated experience, it requires learning from anticipated expectations at states other than the present one. You don’t want to commence planning when the situation is upon you. Doing that will defeat the purpose of planning, which includes utilizing time and opportunity to make the most out of resources and ensure success.
Have a long term plan. It could be demanding to implement long term plans amidst distractions and other things that require urgent implementation. That is why it’s necessary to have targets worth living for as long term goals. Think of having a purpose worth living for, you would do anything to accomplish it, won’t you? Such goals create hope; hope urges on and tells us that tomorrow will be better. Preparing your plan outside the situation creates the opportunity for accessing how realistic the plan really is. During this process get the best counsel you can possibly get, for without counsel purposes are disappointed. You don’t want your plan to result to failure and disappointment, do you? How well you strategize your plan determines how confident you are about it. It boosts confidence knowing that what’s coming has already been well planned for. Like you well know, (confidence is key). Know what you want to achieve before planning and work out your strategy to actualize it. Planning outside the situation gains you time and opportunity to familiarize and patter your operation accordingly. Value time in planning and incorporate it wisely because everything hangs on time. A purpose without a plan is as good as a dream.

#2 make your plan fit for you: it is one thing making a plan, it’s another thing adapting to it. Some people make plans that end up countering their efforts as well as drawing them back. Don’t plan because they say it is necessary, plan because you are organized, you know what you are set to achieve and how to get there. That’s what planning is about, knowing what’s coming and strategizing a arrangement to handle it.
Since you alone know how best you operate, you can play the role of chief architect in strategizing your plan.
Consider your haves: there is need for having a wide variety perspective while planning. It is necessary to plan considering resources already on ground, list out the resources you have that will help and enhance your chances of achieving the purpose.
Consider your “don’t haves”: also listing out what you don’t have will save you the ravage of trying to put a square peg in a round hole. Now you are aware of your haves and don’t haves, you have to find out the resources you need, to implement your plan. You don’t want to make a plan that does not cover the fundamental aspect of implementation.
Remember, your plan is your guideline to achieving your goal. So, as much as possible make it adaptable. However, if the adaptability of your plan does not demand discipline and giving your best effort, then it is not worth it. You don’t want to be making another to-do list that you end up ignoring, do you?
It is a good way of checking and avoiding unnecessary distractions when you know the things that are needed and those that are not, in the process of achieving your goal.

#3 build on your plan: now that you have made the plan, you want to implement it knowing that by so doing the purpose of the plan will be achieved. It would interest you to notice that step one and two would produce as much of the desired result as a handful, if more of step three is not carried out. Executing the plan is what you want to be doing right now, there is no better way to accomplish a feet than by starting it. Likewise a purpose can’t be achieved if its plan is not executed.
There might not be such a thing as a perfect plan; but in doing the right thing, one can strategize a practical plan that if executed would bring forth the expected results.
Specifying your roles and goals, incorporating a mission statement and a vision statement in your strategic plan would further enhance it execution. To implement your plan you must strive to execute it. No matter how strategic and well worked out a plan is, it cannot execute itself. You must ACT upon it.
A – Accept it as your guideline when you have thoroughly accessed its potency.
C – Commit to it and comply with it.
T – Take significant, disciplined steps towards its implementation, get the right counsel, build a team to help if need be. Planners know what to do; executers know what to do next.
Anyone who tells you that there isn’t need for planning is either confused or trying to mislead you. Facing the future or pursuing a purpose without a strategic plan will not produce the expected result. Battles are not won by strength alone or military capability, but with strategy and careful planning. Only a fool goes into battle without a plan. The best time to plan is not when the situation comes calling. Anticipate events and plan for them, that is called foresight. Planning require learning from anticipated experience other than the current one. Planning is a simulated operation; it can’t also be a solitary pursuit. Remember, no matter what you plan for, plan big. Small plans have no capacity to steer people’s soul.


6 Qualities That Successful People Have Adapted And Internalized

Does success really have secretes? Are successful people evasive about some qualities that made them so successful and outstanding; is there a conspiracy of silence? Definite answers have not been given to this question; I know you would like to know the answers to this question so read on as this article will reveal the so called secretes that successful people adapted and have internalized.
Success as so many people think has secretes, but these secretes are actually no secretes. These are not esoteric or supper humanistic principles, they are qualities exhibited by seemingly ordinary people who took that first step of resolving to succeed despite the overwhelming opposition that comes with success. There is one prominent fact to be noted: successful people have principles, well internalized principles that have propelled them from ground level to the outstanding position they now occupy.

#1 They have a precise passion:
it’s very important to be passionate about ones’ aspiration however without the exact undivided enthusiasm channeling to that purpose, the expected end result might not be achieved. It’s easy to be passionate about anything but never has it been an effortless task developing and focusing ones’ passion and resources consistently towards achieving an aspiration amidst all the distractions. That’s why so many people excuse divided enthusiasm, they don’t have the tenacity to hold on and follow their aspiration through to the end. Do you know what the secrete of success in life really is? One thing—just one thing you stick to and that, you have to figure out. In the words of Emerson “nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” It’s not enough to have passion, know what you want, single it out and give it all you‘ve got.

#2 They Aspire for greatness:
the height successful people attain, they aspired to reach. Motivated by that aspiration they do whatever it takes to achieve it. Bill Gates aspired to build his own company; today that company has over hundred thousand employees worldwide. Even though most successful people try to be humble by saying they never dreamed of getting where they are, they still worked hard from the onset knowing they can get to the top. No matter what field they perform all successful people share this quality. And being highly successful begins with aspiring to be successful, for what you can conceive you can achieve.

#3 Their passion was not born overnight:
their motivation is not by one flight. The reason why so many people fail is because they want to achieve in one flight what has taken successful person years to accomplish. Case in point: a man was going down the drains of failing business and he sees another man whose business is exceedingly flourishing he immediately switches to that business, after some time if the business is nothing to be compared with what attracted him in the first place he now starts thinking of another one. No he got it all wrong; don’t be that man, don’t do something because another is succeeding in doing it don’t copy their methods or achievements rather adapt the principles to achieve your own passion and goals.

#4 They spend time developing themselves: first and foremost, educate yourself. That’s the essence of having a successful foundation to build on. Invest time in educating yourself on each and everything you care for. They know more than sitting back and thinking of success as a position or destination which they have arrived at.

#5 They cooperate: cooperation has been effectively utilized by the most successful people, they know they can achieve a lot on their own, they are also aware of the fact they can achieve a lot more with the help of another. They know the power of synergy; they know that two is better than one. The famous brand Google never came to existence until Larry Page met with Sergey Brin and together they formed one of the biggest internet companies today. Successful people know they can’t achieve everything alone, they believe in team work. If you can’t find that extra edge to achieve it alone, don’t sit back or give up on it. Find some one achieve it with you. A man said he cannot find the solution to a problem but he knows that someone a little bit smatter than him can

#6 Determination: you can’t afford to be giving up if you want to be successful. Highly successful people dont give up on their aspiration; by hard work they keep determined to see it all to the end. It is never easy to hold on when things are not working out well, those who made it never held on because they want to be seen as determined or because they don’t want to be termed quitters. They were sure of their objective and the end result, so they held on.

The ability to be successful is not a gift bestowed on a few endowed people; the fact is that anybody can be successful. Don’t think that highly successful people are super humans; they are like every other person on earth on earth. Only they have adopted and internalized certain principles that have enhanced their climb to the top. You can be successful if you so desire…studying this article would help you understand the principles successful people internalize. However, these is not a quick fix procedure, study and practice them, let time perfect it in you and your success will appear more achievable than you thought.

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