3 Ways To Turn Anger Into Zeal For Constructive Use

Anger has been interchanged with zeal for a long time. Both words seem alike but vary drastically in demonstration, application and result. Anger, like zeal is emotional and natural, with physical and psychological effects. Anger is a physical response to threat that can be used for constructive purposes. Over the years I have learn t to utilize anger and turn it into zeal. Yes, you can turn anger into zeal and adequately utilize it to overcome difficulties that meet with it. Anger can be passive; it can also get aggressive and really explosive.

This article will help you understand simple steps on how to turn anger into zeal that defeats difficulties. A trapper’s wife was brought to the Alaska wilderness. She was cut down by death. Their child was about two years old. In the course of his trapping, the trapper sometimes left the child for a few hours in the care of their faithful dog. On such absence one afternoon a terrible blizzard came up. The storm was so terrible that he had to take refuge under a hollow tree to save his life. At day break he rushed to the cabin. The door was open. His dog who looked at him from the corner of his eyes was covered with blood. The father’s blood froze in his veins. Just one thing had happened- his dog had turned wolf and killed his child. He reached for the axe, in a moment the same was buried into the skull of his trusted animal. Like a maniac he scanned the scene. In hopeless desperation he uncovered the gruesome remnants of his cabin. Tipper over, the cracked furniture was telling a story of battle that had taken place here an hour before. A faint cry came from under the bed. Again his heart seemed paralyzed. There he found his offspring safe and sound. Just a moment of pause to cuddle his dear on in his arms and he was perplexed whence the blood on his dog came. The answer came a second latter as he found in a remote corner a dead wolf, his huge mouth showing fangs intended for the baby which his faithful dog had saved. Story by Marvin O. Ashton.
The story had a rather sad remorseful end, no thanks to the recompense of anger.

-Anger causes loss in self monitoring; this makes it easy for an angry person to be mistaken. In its strong form it prevents the ability to exert cognitive control.
-Anger triggers adrenalin, shunts blood away from the gut and towards muscles in preparation for physical exertion. It increases heart rate, blood pressure and respiration, which can adversely affect the human system.
-An angry person can loss objectivity, empathy, prudence, thoughtlessness and cause harm. Anger has an extra ability to decrease productivity and increase stress.
Turning anger into zeal: Anger wants it now, it does not facilitate patience in any way however, zeal works with understanding. He that can have patience can have what he will. –Franklin. Asking yourself these 3 simple questions will help you deal effectively with anger and turn it into result achieving zeal.
#1 Why am I angry? People who express anger attribute its arousal to what happened to them, which is true. Sometimes people do lack the capacity to control what happens to them but we all have the ability to decide how we react and respond to events that come upon us. Giving a sincere and realistic answer to the above question will help you understand the root cause of the anger as well as finding practical solution to it. If you can decipher the cause you are half way to dealing with the anger. Seek first to understand the cause and let every other thing take its course.
#2 Am I the instigator of my anger? You can be the cause of your anger. Having a guilty conscience from failure could result to anger. Failure to do or not to have done what is necessary could result to anger. In this case you must take active steps to turn such anger into productive use. If left alone such anger would only result to blame, self pity, stress and depression. Get over the failure by first learning the lesson, and then taking firm decision to avoiding and correcting the cause of failure in the future.
#3 Have I done what is necessary to prevent and abate my anger? Anger has boundless limits, when aroused can grow into something else. A lot of people say that they can’t control their anger, but the truth is that anger can be controlled and directed towards constructive use. Anger is not another personality with a different mind; you can feed your anger to destructive proportions with the thoughts of your mind as well as direct it accordingly. You probably can’t control anger when you consciously believe you can’t, but if you constantly affirm that you are in control of your emotions (anger), you will gradually gain control over it when you constantly affirm it. Do what is necessary to turn destructive anger into result bound zeal, by forgiving yourself or the cause of anger and focusing that passion towards a difficulty that requires the creativity of your mind. Don’t try to bottle up your anger into bottomless depths, if you do it wont remain for long before it explodes. You don’t want to keep struggling with your anger, you want to deal with it one time, and you want to turn it into result achieving zeal.
Turn your anger into zeal by applying reasoning and understanding. Zeal is eagerness and ardent interest in pursuing something. It is a passionate devotion and tireless diligence to further and achieve a cause. Nevertheless, anger has an important role to play because it usually comes before zeal, zeal can be initiated from anger, to a degree though. Though anger has functional value to survival, it is still a bad catalyst as well as enhancer when not properly applied. It is very easy to err when angry but the prudent increase determination with zeal.

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