Risk Taking In Everyday Life- 3 Reasons Why You must Take Risk

There are three types of people, those who take risk, those who don’t and those who admire or analyze it. There is this misconception about risk which has been bought by so many. They think of risk as danger, everyday of our lives we take risks without knowing it, we are faced with the challenge of making decisions without knowing the outcome (that is risky isn’t it?). Boarding an airplane or striking a match is a risk and anyone most likely would be willing to take because of necessity. The greatest and most useful inventions available to us today are born out of risk so why won’t you take risk.

The ability and courage to take risk is something every result oriented person should possess. Life is all about making choices, while some favor you others lead to a sore regret. Some times it requires thorough ruthlessness to achieve your earnest desire. Some things will never happen until you take the risk to go the extra mile in making it happen.
The worth of an achiever is measured by what she is willing to sacrifice for success. However it’s also noteworthy that success is not all in all as some people will like to cut corners in order to achieve success. Today, progress has taken the place of perfection. In the words of Jefferson-I will sacrifice my life to achieve success but not my integrity”
3 reasons why you must be a risk taker

I. Taking calculated risk puts you in the path of opportunity:
opportunity begets possibility; one of the surest ways of putting yourself in the path of opportunity is by going all out for it. There used to be a time when I shy away from certain opportunity I see as risky. But when I realized the secret of success I came to understand the real essence of taking the risk to grab opportunity as it comes. People shy away from opportunities for different reasons; it is basically due to fear. Fear of failure or disappointment, opportunity they say comes but once but I always oppose it because I have seen lots of opportunity come and go (but not without taking advantage of it). But note this one fact, “opportunity comes to those who prepare for it, it does not pass by those who properly position themselves for it.” It is a fact.

II. Not taking risk impels you from taking action: where there is movement there is improvement, but don’t think progress can happen without taking necessary action to implement it. In my previous post
3 Action Steps For Planning, Implementing And Achieving Your Goals
I talked extensively on action in relation to success. Some people that see risk as danger or a no go area tend to shift or responsibility. They always give excuses and reasons not to take action. Breaking your bounds require ruthlessness which is facilitated by the desire to take decisive action. Heaven never helps the men who will not act. -Sophocles

III. Risk taking enables you to deal with challenges and not run from them: do you shy away from challenges? Man is of few days and full challenges. Whether you fancy it or not challenge is one thing every human must face so you had better get used to it. One way to overcome boredom is by taking up challenges; nothing rouses up a man like a little opposition. It is risky taking up challenges but also rewarding, they are seen as cowards those that fail to do what they should because they think it is risky. Don’t see risk as danger if you do you will avoid it and thereby miss your opportunity. Taking up challenges is risky especially when you do it unprepared. That’s basically why people miss out on opportunity they shy away from challenges because they are not prepared. The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes. –Disraeli The riskiest thing is not taking a risk when necessary.
But it is all up to you, every risk to be taken is a challenge and in every challenge there lies an opportunity to get something achieved.


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