Sharpening The Saw: An Effective Approach To Self Improvement

Success is a process, and like any process that does not take time to value and integrate the habit of sharpening the saw it soon deteriorates into failure. A workman who fails to equip himself for effective service by maintaining and upgrading his work means will not only be disappointed in the face of
opportunity he also will end up wasting more resources than is available to him.

The one who does not sharpen the saw is no much different from the one who has no saw. You have heard a lot about sharpening the saw over the period; but now you will discover resource that will help you enhance this habit; sharpening the saw.

Most people don’t get to experience the corresponding advance they strive for in their effort to sharpen the saw, professionally, academically and otherwise. The reason is not because they don’t try hard enough but because the have not integrated the right approach. Among these are: Note that sharpening the saw is a whole process on its own, this article helps to throw light on a habit that augment the main
thing, that is sharpening the saw.

Accountability: an unaccessed and unaccounted life is not truly worth living, the same is applicable to a process. Accountability in your strive for sustained excellence is key in the process of sharpening the saw. And like you and I know, it is easier to get to the top than staying at the top. But what does it take to stay on top?

1. Know that you are on top

2. Account for every time, action, effort applied to staying on top. This is very key, I think with accountability comes responsibility. One who thinks that success is only achieved only when he gets on top will soon be overtaken by those who see success as a continuous growth to excellence and perfection. By virtue of this (accountability) you grow from mistakes, you benefit from every effort applied toward your goal and you develop the responsibility that comes with

Get others on top. This is one secret many people fail to apply not because they don’t know about it but because they are afraid; afraid to be second best, afraid to break new grounds, afraid to step up to challenges. They think the only way they can stay on top is by keeping others down. A true winner is not the one that has nothing else to win but he is the one who helps others become winners. Before one could get another on top, he himself must be on top. Jesus said if you lift me up I will draw all men to myself.

In the process of sharpening the saw effectively, you have to account for every effort you put in, as well as the time and resources applied. Here are some practical questions to give answers in your effort to sharpening the saw;

What have I done to sharpen the saw? How much time and resources were put in to achieve this goal,what did I achieve from these efforts? Did I really sharpen the saw? How effective am I after this process? These necessary questions should be answered in your quest to accountability as regards the topic. Remember, a man could remain at the same level he is in forty years to come if he does not sharpen the saw.


Will Vs Performance

It is a popular saying that where there is a will there is a way. But have you ever wondered how easy it is to will?

Everyone wills to become one thing or the other, to achieve one goal or another however the functional aspect of the will process is the performance aspect of it.
We can will all we care as the saying goes one who wills shall find a way but whence does the power and ability to walk the way come from.

If it were all about willing, then people need not struggle to achieve their objectives. Will is only the starting point or initiator of achieving any goal or desire. Success is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

Many at times people will to achieve a goal,putting all necessities in place they still fail to actualize it. Why? You may ask; it isn’t because what they willed wasn’t important, it is not because they were not conscious of the importance of the task they set to achieve. It is mostly because the ability to perform their wills is not in them. Apostle Paul said “For I know that in me nothing good dwells. For to will is present with me but how to perform what is good I do not find.” Romans 7:18. It is always present in every man the ability to will; to will that which is good,to will that which is necessary and helpful, and to will success, to will good health and good living but I ask myself how many get to achieve them. Only if wishes were horses...

Anyone could be in adversity, if such one could believe and will to come out of that adversity then he will find a way. There is always an equivalent opportunity given to actualize every goal, desire, aspiration or a reaching out for.

However, when the will has been willed, the way found and the opportunity given,how to perform that which is good is what many cannot find. The one who gives answer to the question how usually gets the job (gets it done). Will without performance is the initiator of mediocrity.

It is however encouraging noting that like skill ability can be developed. We all are created with several abilities; while some make the best out of theirs others just waste it. A good combination of diligence,hard work, and commitment in showing faithfulness to that which is committed unto you will help
strengthen your ability for future responsibility.

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