Turning Misfortune Into Motivation

Rising up from a fall is not the hardest thing to do, but looking into the eyes of those who believed in you, those who thought you will never make it and finding motivation to start all over again and press on despite the shame, discouragement and the psychological burden of falling, especially when you do not deserve to fall.
It is easy to say “why me” when misfortune happen. And because we can’t always see the big picture, we often fall back and get discouraged.

Some people often get overwhelmed by misfortune that they think life is not worth it. For every purpose there is a time and a decision, because the sorrow of man is great in him. Ec 8:6.

The sooner we let this mindset be in us, the better our understanding of life. I cant imagine a life without self motivation, it must be really depressing. I have heard a lot of people say “life is not fair”.

But what is life?

Life is what you make it. You can make life or be made by life.

The same sun that shines on clay shines on ice, but while one gets stronger the other melts away. Your substance determines how you respond to life’s’ misfortunes.

What are you made of?

When Agama lizards fall from a tree it looks round to get acclamation but finds none, It nodes its head in commendation and continue on its way.

Do you always depend on someone for motivation to get your life kicking? What will you do when no one is there to do that for you?

The best motivation you can ever get is self motivation. Someone can help you up when you fall, but only you can make a decision to stay up and move on…

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