Words Of Wisdom

Situation will be the way it is until we do something about it.

The Laws of success do not permit lukewarmness; if you are lukewarm you lose.

There is no success without an earnest desire that drives one…

You don’t grow when you train without competing.

A goal without an action plan is just a dead dream.

What happens to us is not the problem but what we do after it. Where do you look for solution and how too?

We are not deceived with what we don’t like but with that which we want.

You never know what you are capable or incapable of until you encounter a real

Anticipate problems and attack them before the reverse happens to you.

To the wise, problems spot out imperfection that must be worked on or perhaps perfected.

To the rather foolish, problems signify obstacles that must be turned away from.

Reason on this statement and give me your comment:

“The first fool is not a fool, the second fool is”

The wise person learns not only from his experiences but more from the experience of others.

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