Letter to an Old Friend

Welcome to seeds of success.I stumbled upon a quite interesting poetry, you might find it funny. But enjoy it and tell me what you think.

Oh! Poverty my good old friend
How are you today?
Hope you are hale and hearty?
Waxing and waning, kicking harder?

My warmest regards to your new friends
Treat them kindly, give them courage
Tolerate them; let them also understand your path
Hold them gently, touch them softly,
you know how it is

You have been too good to me not to say goodbye
I shall never forget you in a hurry
It's painful to say goodbye
But my prayers are never to see you again

I am sure we 'll seldom meet
Not even in heaven when you die
Greet your friends for me
But remain down there, I have risen above you

By Michael Igele

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