Drawing A Line Of Distinction

In business chances are that a business is likely not be up to snuff few years after establishment if it doesn’t have a strategic plan and a good marketing strategy for the venture. Likewise in life, one might stay stagnated at a level or even slip if one does not take sound steps to advance ones life. We all at one point or the other struggle with productivity, either we want to be productive or to improve on our productivity.
For this to happen we must get to understand certain things. Any productive person or rather any one who seeks progress must know the truth that ones life doesn’t consist in everything he does or finds himself doing. You must understand that getting yourself entangled with every endeavor you find yourself does not work altogether for your productivity. That’s why we have priorities. Know what your life and success depends on. Some things are important and some things needful. It’s nice to strive for productivity in everything we can lay hands on, but in all those, what we really need to sustain our living is in few.
Splitting your strength into many important things will deprive you the concentrated effort and focus to strive at and achieve that which is helpful and necessary for your living. I am not opposed to getting involved with as much as you can, in fact I encourage variety; however the point I want to emphasize is, it’s our responsibility, and to the benefit of our ability to be productive to know as well as draw a distinction between that which is important and the actual helpful things that will eventually have more impact in our life.
There are things that your life depends on. There are endeavors that your success and development depend on. Drawing a line between these creates focus and enhances the best application of effort. There things that sustain your living and there things that enhance it or spice it up. When you are needful of real food you don’t go-getting spice, do you? You will do yourself a lot of good in drawing a distinction between these.


  1. Nice post and explained your point in a very nice way

  2. Wise words. I think discernment says us heartache and time. Great reminder!

  3. Thank you, I think there is a fine line between what is important & that which is needful, most people just dangle into these fields and get things real mumbled up.


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