The most undeveloped place/unexploited places in history is not the great waters or the high lands, that areas lies under your hat. You will be surprised by the enormous amount of resources that lie untapped in humans. The most valuable resource today is not crude oil nor gold but it is human resource. All other resources are exhaustible but not the human resource. With time natural resources get depleted but the human resources get better with experience. No body on this earth is useless or a waste. Every one has something to deliver. There is something between your ears that is yet to be exploited. Many people die without reaching their full potentials without covering the ground assigned to them. An author say that the richest place on earth is the mortuary or cemetery. For it is there you will see people who lived and died without manifesting their God given human resources. There you find people who walked knowing they had great untapped treasure.
In our world today many people don’t care about digging deep to bring out the man and giant in them, a lot of people just want to get on with the time and survive. But to be resourceful you need to do more than survive, with to handwork and discipline powered by information you need to break through the hard shells of average to bring out that giant in you. In every man there is a seed of greatness. And for every great man there is the desire for self improvement.

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