Last time we talked about living above average, we saw that average does not get us to perfection. To remove the average mentality/limitations, it doesn’t start from taking away physical barriers to success but it starts by clearing the mind from all average mentality.

You might not be the best person to solve your problem but you are surely the first person to start your solution. The problem with today’s society is that many people don’t get to realize that like a vehicle they are the ignition that sparks/starts the whole process of moving the vehicle.

Because life is a continuum, you have to let this mindset into you “that excellence is not a position but rather it is a continues walk. Or else how would you explain deterioration to mediocrity of a person known for excellence. I emphasize this to make you remove the thought that excellence is a destination, which if achieved will prevent you from deteriorating . The truth is that anybody anywhere can be excellent in anything lie does at anytime. However there are factors to be considered and applied... You can be excellent.

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