You Can Think For Youself...

There is a common belief that we all are capable of thinking for our self. Are we really, truly original in our thinking? How much are we utilizing our God given ability to think? Bottom line, these are the only actual freedoms we have. Why am I asking what may seem to be non-sensical questions? Let's take a look at the answers together.

The world we are born into is up and running. So from birth our thinking, choices, likes and dislikes begin to be shaped. We are taught very early in life to conform, to fit in, to get inside the box. In other words, we think and do as we have been told from childhood. Our thinking and actions conform to what is neccessary to fit in, to gain approval.The approval of men is not always sincere but that of our creator.

Our understanding of life must be consistent with our experience, and our experience occurs in our minds, a wise person does not just live by his experience but he benefits from the experience of others. It’s strange that we don’t give more thought to our existence or show more reverence towards our precious gift of life and search out our life purpose. This can all begin by simply asking "why" more often. We get up each morning, experience the joys and challenges of the day, and go to bed at night without dwelling on the larger context of our thoughts, feelings, and actions. We live in the moment in order to survive and to derive pleasure from our existence. More often than not, it is a humdrum existence. We have assimilated too much and not originated enough.We should allow our minds to focus and brood on the issues that matter the most to us .I don't know how you feel about it; but I am here to originate as much as possible and to duplicate only when neccessary.

I am not denying we have to care for ourselves fulfill the duties towards our families, towards our job or business and to the rest of the world. This is true. It's necessary for survival. I am not saying you to renounce the world and become a hermit. We need to live in this world, take care of our financial and other needs and the needs of our loved ones, this is our best means for growth and "self improvement". We can certainly enjoy all modern comforts and our social life. Yet we can and must be aware of the spiritual or basic realities about ourselves on which all our activities are based. We have to realize that we are a storehouse for original, fresh thinking and the solutions to all our problems starts within us. We should not be too lazy to think for ourselves.

I'd like to ask one more question: Can you ever hope to attain anything in life that provides lasting and permanent happiness. The reason the answer is (or will be) no, is partly because our concepts of what provides happiness are not our own personal conclusions. True happiness is an inside job.

Set aside 30 minutes each day to be spent in mediation and solitude. Spend some time alone with yourself. Get to know yourself. Listen to your inner voice, its the best advisor you will ever have. While driving, leave the radio off sometimes and spend that time with yourself---with YOUR mind. The benefits will astound you. Notice where the following statement says where Kingdom is, meditate on this truth sometimes.

The kingdom of God cometh not with observation; neither shall they say, Lo here! or, Lo there! For behold, the kingdom of God is within you. ( Luke 17:20-21)

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