Habits That Help Happiness: 20 Tips to Build Pleasant Habits

Anybody can be happy if they decide. Satisfaction capable of influencing happiness can be derived from what one does or possesses . One would be partially correct to consider wealth as a major factor influencing happiness, considering the fact happiness like any other feeling doesn’t just happen but are motivated by related factors. Security is one key factor that influences happiness whether it’s social security, financial security or health wise. Financial buoyancy may not guaranty security at all aspects but it can surely cover some vital aspects of your basis. Some people are blessed with such a beautiful personality, they appear to be happy virtually all the time, one can hardly find them in an unpleasant moods even when offended they just smile. Everybody’s not like that though, but the fact is that happiness is a choice. Here are certain habits that help us choose as well as stay happy.

1. Learn to laugh: laughter is the closest feeling to happiness .

2. Take issues calmly: form the habit of taking issues calmly, this certainly doesn’t mean taking things lightly.

3. Learn to like people: you have seven billion neighbors, considering this huge number, how do you intend to keep happy when you don’t like people.

4. Stick to your values: having values and keeping them gives you a sense of value, fulfillment and purpose. Purposeful living creates happiness.

5. Learn to appreciate: I can’t that “thank you” is such a hard thing to say.

6. Avoid stress: yes you can avoid stress, you can avoid unnecessary worry.

7. Live the moment: learn to live the moment and not necessarily for the moment. Live as if each second counts in determining your life, of course it counts.

8. Choose happiness with you words. What you hear can influence happiness but more important is what you say. Affirm to yourself that you choose to be happy, condition your mind to think in that hue, let your expression show it. It’s not easy but it makes for a sound mind. It might seem like acting but it’s not, you are rather building yourself into a better and pleasant character.

9. Count your blessings: how readily we count and rue on losses and misfortunes. Take time to think about your good fortunes, blessing and the pleasing moments in your life.

10. See your life as significant and make it significant. It’s worth knowing that you are one among billions and that you are unique in nature. And you can take it from there to discover, understand and fulfill your purpose.

11. Think right: as a man thinketh so is he, apply the conscious thought control. As the thoughts of a person is either bad or good so will the direction of his/her life and events will follow.

12. Increase in knowledge: a balanced life is key to happy living. Let physical and moral development be matched be with their intellectual equivalent. Don’t ignore an opportunity to improve intellectual capacity. Know it and then do it. Happiness does not come only from what you know but from practicing it. No knowledge is indeed a waste but what’s the good of knowledge if it’s not put into purposeful use?

13. Live secure: security is a basic human need, while some take various risks to meet this end others live quiet lives to maintain it.

14. Choose what you hear: your ear is a major gateway to your mind.

15. Don’t condemn yourself. Mistakes, failures or blunders are unavoidable parts of success and living.

16. Take correction with cheerfulness. This is an admirable quality that makes for a pleasing personality. To err is human but to accept correction with cheerfulness is a wonderful personal value.

17. Invest in people: when you invest in material things the rewards come in same kind. When you invest in people you leave a lasting legacy.

18. Learn to understand. Think before you act, this has not proved to solve the problem. Go a step further than just thinking, understand before you respond. Understanding helps you act with discretion. Happy are they who experience wisdom in daily living.

19. Help people: you ease your own worries and make yourself happier when you help others solve their problems and achieve their goal.

20. Eat healthy and exercise.

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