Handling Boredom By Purposeful Engagement and Conscious Mind Control

If life were a race, it would be a marathon not a sprint. But in this case, you race with none other than yourself. This is however not the case today. People rather see themselves as opponents that must be defeated to win life's race. The key to purpose discovery is realizing that every individual must discover the portion allotted them to work it, develop it, produce and grow with it as well as impact meaningfully using the same channel.

Human beings are dynamic creatures full of contradictions, experiencing troubles, conflicts and fear as well as boredom and satisfaction. When the mind is in its up-time the whole being usually follow the same hue. boredom is more of personal choice and less related or dependent on external forces and situations. Someone said “I will be bored if and only if all the problems in the world have been solved”. You can read any meaning into that statement but know that the presence of problems alone doesn’t take away boredom there are many people surrounded by tons of problem begging for attention yet they wallow in boredom. It’s all about attitude and orientation to improvement. There are people who can't continue at ease without finding a way to improve the status quo around them. For them it has become a habit and philosophy that things can always be improved upon. Hence the presence of problem does not take away boredom, what most certainly does is the willingness to do something about the problem. Here are some tips you may find helpful.

1. When boredom begins from the mind: situations will occur when a bored mind would result to a bored being, the reverse is also possible but this time only worse. When the former is the case one thing you have to your advantage at the initial stage is an active body, get yourself engaged with something purposefully interesting. The mind usually withdraws from what it has lost interest over, restore interest in a bored situation by being dynamic. Identify a problem you can solve quickly within that short period to excite your mind again.

2. Active mind but weak body: The mind can be raring to go but that will only amount to little when the body is bored or tired. In cases like this (but seek to know the cause of the tiredness as tiredness is not boredom), you have to get refreshed - usually a cold shower will do but in work environment where this might not be quickly obtainable, you can surf the net for something interesting or work out you mind and hands on a game (I learned that the fingers can influence the state of boredom...hm).

3. Highway to constant boredom: An express way to boredom is not by cutting off all contact with humanity. You can be surrounded with a hive of humans and still get bored. Boredom is cutting yourself from creativity and productive work. The presence of these can create social interaction, growth, motivation, sense of purpose which eventually eliminate boredom.

Human beings are dynamic creatures full of contradictions experiencing troubles, conflicts and fear as well as boredom and satisfaction.

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