You Don’t Motivate a Goat to Fly

Can a goat fly? Well it’s possible. It is difficult rather than impossible. Motivation is very important in actualizing anything but its not the ultimate.

The reason most people fail in achieving their goals is not for lack of motivation, motivation you can get in abundance. It is rather an issue of ability. The horse before the cart, ability comes before motivation. Great things only happen when that principle is adhered to, first things first. You cannot motivate a goat to fly because originally it lacks the ability to do effectively do such.

This however doesn’t rule out ultimately the idea that it cannot do it, but until it first develops the ability to. Anything is possible and anyone can achieve whatsoever reasonable they desire if they set their mind to it and go about it in the right manner.
We all face diverse problems and challenges; these sometimes dampen the hopes of achieving set goals. A goal can be as far or near achievement as one can muster the motivation to get one’s members to work towards it. Ability comes before motivation. This is evident in daily affairs. You cannot be helped when there is nothing to help you with. Nature doesn’t permit vacuum. When you say I am here then someone can say you are there.

Most people seek motivation to overcome challenges without developing the ability to handle the problem. Such motivations are futile. Motivate a goat all you can, it cannot yet fly until you develop its ability to. The eagle that was raised with the chickens thought itself to be a chicken and indeed it was, because it could not fly any farther than them, though it had the potential ability to soar. In cases like this, motivation can work. On the contrary, motivate an ostrich then drop it from the heights and you will watch it drop to the earth like a loaded sack dropped from a plane in flight.

If a man must overcome the many obstacles that hamper him from reaching his goal, he must first learn to develop his ability to; not necessarily skill, for ability comes before skill as well as motivation. A man once said "Give me a place to stand on, and I will move the Earth." He was not lying when he said that. Motivation can only be effective when it's preceded by ability. \opportunity is nothing without the ability to utilize it.


  1. "You Don’t Motivate a Goat to Swim" Lol I think it should read "Fly".
    I agree however with the content. Motivation is a drive you need to succeed but must match a goal that is achievable and within reach of your skills and capacities. The last can be enhanced a lot by self education. In many cases that means stepping out of your comfort zone and try new things. In regards to online marketing a very important thing is a persons willingness to accept advices from others, to give it freely to others. This will build strong business connection and meaningful business friendships. There are so many aspects of online business, so many skills you need. This is the reason why engaging on social business sites is so important; they can help you to brand yourself and build these valuable business relations.

    1. Thanks Paula, but first, welcome aboard. I totally agree with your observation and contribution.

      The sheer willingness backed with proportional effort to improve goes a long way to help enhance ability.

  2. I find that if I'm going to be successful in my goals I need to have a time limit on completing them. It is ok to fail at that time limit, chances are I learned something along the way, I can then adjust and set a new time limit. It also helps me to be accountable to someone else to keep me on track.
    I have written a post about goals on my blog if you are interest.

    1. I think every worthy goal is a mini project and as such is deserving of a plan. As you 'ld expect every project has a life span or time limit. Specifying the time for each goal will help determine efficiency as well as improve on previous record as you rightly stated.

      Yes it's natural to fail, the important thing is learning the lesson and moving on...


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