How to Develop Ability

Ability – the power to carry out a task, the strength to see through a goal; the want of it owes to much why most people fail in their endeavors, not really for want of will or skill. Underachievement especially now days don’t really owe to want in knowledge, information surplus abounds as well as the opportunity to achieve whatsoever one may earnestly desire. We usually know what we want; hence the predominant question of this age is not what but why.

The little I know declared Sacha Guitry I owe to my ignorance. The ignorance these days take more of a willful shape than otherwise. Ignorance has never been a good enough answer for failure even less in these times where information flows at ones command.
It has never ceased to amaze me man’s dynamism, I say this with positive disposition, the potential that lies within and the wonder he can make out of himself, how he can change his situation and inspire the life of others. Ability, competence and skill that tend to excellence form a progression of development any progress minded person would strive to experience. Situations exist where what is required of one is beyond what their ability can make happen, that is understandable. Then one must depend on higher powers – God.
I learned from kindergarten about first aid, its first cuts across all aspects of human endeavor and education. The first help you can get principally comes from you; the best help comes from God.
Strength can be developed through effort and practice, one begins to exert oneself by applying this knowledge carefully. Adding effort to effort, patience to patience and strength to strength then one will not cease to develop in their endeavor.

As a man perfects himself in his calling even so does his ability to earn increase. Ability can only be recognized by their fruits in words or deeds. Most people are naturally born with special abilities, indeed every one has their unique area of specialty whether by default or development.
Anyone would increase in ability who shows a willing desire to perfect in their calling. If one wishes to enjoy the fruits of excellence they must cultivate the seeds thereof. The secrete behind perfection is much like an open one hidden under plain view because people willfully choose not to see it – practice. Any outstanding athlete or performer would tell you how they work out their nose to sharpen their ability. Practice at its principal level I think adds backbone to the frame of perfection. It’s your surest way to exert yourself but by far the least enjoyable thing to do.

Everything means many things to different people. Like practice could mean the best thing to one seeks perfection, pleasure on the other hand means the world to any fool. It is estimated that it would require 10 years or an equivalent 10 thousand hours of effort to attain excellence, especially in sports/performance related fields.

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