3 Wonders about Maturity

Growth is a natural phenomenon; its effect is not usually a function of choice (at least with regards to physical growth). While one choose in moral, mental or spiritual growth it is however not the case with physical growth. As one can arrive at physical maturity without mental maturity, so can one attain both of these without moral maturity.
  1. Here is a child it never felt any need, whatsoever it needs it gets even without asking. At a stage of its development the significant features are not yet functional. The baby has a lot of things that are surplus to requirement. I don’t need all these (hands, legs and the rest), in my world (womb) these are not necessary. Little does she know that the world she dwells would not continue indefinitely, the hands and feet etcetera which seem surplus to requirements are a preparation for another world she must have to embrace. Change will surely come for you little baby and the effect will follow the cause, you will enter a new world, you will grow and all the features which seem out of place in your previous world will find their place of use here.

  2. Here is a flamboyant butterfly, few days back it was just another ugly meandering smelly creature causing more of havoc than good to the green. Such a destructive creature the caterpillar, of such that its destructive ability was mentioned in the scriptures. But today you grace each plant with your wonderful kisses, no more are you havoc to budding helpless vegetation. Your kisses are magical both to budding plants and full grown trees. What a transformation, who taught you these things little sunshine? Your colors grace sunrise and at sunset you look just beautiful in nature. Would you have believed if I told you (caterpillar) that you will be this tender and beautiful creature – butterfly?
 3. Here is the kite gliding so high in the sky. It looks with a swelling satisfaction upon the earth from the skies. Everyone admires its dynamism in flight as the little boy carefully and cautiously pull its string, steering the kite away from danger. Release me declares the kite, I want to be free. I want to glide with the wind, not be controlled by some string. As its craving increased, snap went the string and zoom the kite with the wind up into the skies. Oh this is freedom declares the kite, I now control my glide. Ok here comes the current, time to glide even higher and faster. An unpleasant surprise awaits the renegade kite; it’s swept mercilessly by the same usual winds it would easily glide in, into the waiting razor sharp blades of the green.

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