Before You Lift Your Life

If one must lift one’s life by any mean’s, one must then first lift one’s thought and then one’s hope. There is strength to be gained from this knowledge. Your success, development, failure, misfortune, weakness and strength are yours and non other’s. If you must improve the statusquo, you must take personal responsibility of your lot and development.

Success they say has many fathers but failure only one. Most people would readily pick a bias from that idea to support their laziness and deviate responsibility. There is sense in knowing how much of your success depends on you and how much of your progress can be contributed from external sources. This I think will put you in good position to make decisions and reach out to your goal rather than wait for external prompts that may not happen. If you don’t know where you are going or what you want you may not recognize when you get there or achieve it, that’s a fact.

No one is an island anywhere not in this 21st century. That you can walk alone doesn’t mean you are living alone, you have seven billion neighbors – knew that? One must get to that stage in life where to be efficient they must not only co-operate but synergize, until that stage each person must take personal responsibility of their effectiveness and success and become the sole initiator triggering the progress of his own accomplishment. None other will do that for him. If you must get help, you must show the will and competence to receive it first. A strong cannot help the weaker unless that weaker is willing to be helped declared Allen. The direction of one’s life will most definitely follow the same hue as set by one’s thought, whether good or vice. They speak loudest – our thoughts.The thought you hold is hourly transforming you into that particular individual. Preserve a right mental attitude.

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