How Responsibility begets Commitment and Improvement

Nothing adds pep to work like commitment. Showing consistent commitment to a goal may encounter hindrances which come in different forms en route progress. Working on human basis you would rightly observe that expectations are often met with disappointment when you expect people to act in a certain manner without being told. Give someone responsibility and s/he will have reason to show commitment. 

Failure could be such a vice or perhaps an evil to some people that they would do anything to avoid it or be termed as one. To that effect they would strive to return what was committed to them in one piece rather than destroy it in attempt to improve it. Failure is not a vice rather fear is an evil. In attempt to avoid failure for the fear of its following effect people tend to choose options which may be counter productive.

Why did the servant in the talent parable hide his talent unlike his colleagues who braved it and multiplied theirs? Plenty are the possible answers but one of most interest is that the faint hearted servant failed to own the talent. Again the answers are plenty why he failed to own it. The fastest way to be wastefully unproductive is by seeing your job as another’s responsibility – a fast way to waste land.

The beginning of failure for most employees in this regards is the tendency to withdraw from this idea of ownership and responsibility. Whoever cannot obey himself, receives command. If you see yourself as working for yourself you will do the best for it, certainly a different case with some lazy fool – I mean that in a polite manner. Seeing it as working for yourself, certainly the ideas for improvement will flow.

Upon creation the world was basically committed to man. In essence ownership was handed over to him. Most people don’t see it that when responsibility is given to them no matter how temporal they are rightful owners of the lot. Again I mean this in a respectful manner. With an attitude of ‘oh I’m just managing it for the real owner’ you will not by any means earn the respect of the real owner. I have seen regular employees win the trust and respect of their employers with sheer responsibility and commitment to their task no matter how little. These ones are deserving of much irrespective of qualifications. Some other people spend years in  their job showing least commitment and even lesser improvement to their activity. There are far deeper reasons to lack of commitment and passion than responsibility. As we expect responsibility and accountability and responsibility from our subordinates, so does God from us. Failing to take ownership and responsibility of ones affairs will definitely plunge one to less advantage levels of receiving commands.

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