Your Attitude Means a Lot

There are two things, do and don’t do. But now they are three; do, don’t do and try. Caught between the midst, most people find it fashionable to try rather than setting out to actually achieve. As much as I would like to agree that there is nothing as try, only do and don’t do but sadly I must admit there is. The issue is not really with trying, but the attitude.
There is an attitude to everything. Trying and doing are no exceptions.  Why try when you can do? Well, I see the reason. It's easy to figure out – unpreparedness. There is no harm in trial, so everybody wants to try; very few set out to do. There is one straight path for setting out to do – conscious preparation proceeded by willingness and applied effort to really do. It’s easy to try but difficult to do, even though both aim at the same goal, attitude makes the difference.
1.       1. A trier’s attitude: it’s not what you do or say but how you do it or say it. The attitude of a trier is way different from that of one who sets out to achieve. Aside preparation and ability the psychological approach of being a trier could upset the goal. People shed most of the criticism when they bear the trier’s tag. Trying is a courteous way of excusing unpreparedness. A trier is a doer who sets out to achieve a goal but thinks he will fail.  A trier is a good starter but never gets to finish what he started, not for inability or any other thing but from the unset they have excused their unpreparedness and by virtue of that leverage, they can opt out when it gets difficult as they earlier expected it would. Trying is not just an attitude; it can become a standard and a bad one at that. You basically don’t set your standard, they kind of work in alignment with the habits and character of your person-hood. If one’s standard is that of a trier, they basically go about everything with the same attitude.  
2.       2. A doer’s attitude: a doer is one who sets to achieve a thing and acknowledges that he may fail, considering the challenges that he may face but doesn’t excuse himself from preparing for those challenges, resolving to pull through. A doer is a trier with an intention to achieve his aim, an intention backed with the right preparation and attitude.
It’s not what you do but how you do it, attitude makes the difference between good and excellent.

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