Press for improvement

Man has always sought to develop himself, his surrounding and his life in general. That trend has not ceased. It is natural in man to grow as well as find exciting and efficient ways of doing things. Creativity here is the idea and ability to improve situation and do things in better ways. The instincts to always improve are there but it can also just remain there. The important question is how to stir it and put it to beneficial use. The need for creativity is higher than ever, and though time may be short, it always leaves an opportunity to improve. One can remain at a level without improvement for decades but for the books one reads and the people one meets. I know you don’t want that, you want to improve with every moment and become the best possible. I have identified some tips that can help you form the habit of conscious steps towards improvement.

1. Show concern: it all starts here; building a habit of improvement begins by showing concern. Nothing can be attempted with an indifferent attitude. It’s disturbing to stay around people who show absolutely no concern to what’s happening in their immediate environment. Such people are categorized under the groups of people who wait for things to happen. People who solve problems don’t do it because they have a special knack for problem solving. Albert Einstein in one his responses said “I’m not a genius; I only stick with problems longer”. Solving problems begins with identifying a need and showing some concern, that singular act of showing concern can spark a flurry of ideas as to solving the problem. Anybody can identify a problem but not everyone shows concern. Show some concern to improve the situation when there is no obvious problem to solve, ask you what can be improved upon and eventually when situation calls for improvement you won’t need the highest level of consciousness to identify it and respond.

2. Think possible: if you will think anyway, why not think possible? You lose nothing thinking possible; consciously nurture the thought that improvement is possible. Some people keep limiting their possibility to the standard their past has set for them. They whine to themselves- oh this’d best it has ever got with me. Since I got the idea that there is always a possible way of going about anything, I have nurtured and applied that thought to various life situations and it’s always proved helpful. A fool says it can never be done (perhaps because it has never been done) until someone comes around and does it. When a wise person has a problem he can’t solve, he doesn’t shelve it and throw the keys. He thinks to himself, I may not have the solution to this problem but someone a little bit clever than I may. Time and again events have proven that there is always a possible way about anything.

3. Be the change: the term change alone sparks a lot of feelings in different people, some detest it, some enjoy the challenge and opportunity it brings, and some others don’t just care. But the truth in its crude form remains – no change, no growth, and no improvement. Change – whether you like it or not, you will still experience its effect (nobody is immune to it). Become the catalyst of the improvement you want to experience in and around you. Change as we want it should not be determined by external influence. But lasting and effective change should start from within; it should be a product of our own conscious decision.

You can’t possibly be a solution to a problem you show no concern over. If you will think any way, think possible, think big. If you want to see any change, you might as well start it.

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