Power to effect change

The future that we will eventually live is not formed by means of wishes or desire but they are created by the decisions of today as well as their corresponding actions. It’s a true saying that the life we live today is a sum total of the decisions we made yesterday. How powerful can these eight letter word - decision be?
The power in the eight letter word – decision has not ceased to prove its efficacy to those who use it wisely as well as those who don’t, but with different outcomes. You are wise if you understand that life works in seasons. Most people work out their lives calling all sorts of unnecessary and unwarranted palaver because they lack the knowledge of this fundamental truth – things happen in their seasons.

I appreciate the art and science of farming, it’s a beauty observing a wise and diligent farmer, he sure understands seasons. On the other side of the matter, you will rightly observe that the world is getting faster by the moment, everybody wants the next thing now (well, who won’t, if they have the means to) even before its due season. Most people strive for such getting not really because it’s a serious need they can’t do without, this is the conscious voluntary aspects of the matter. The unconscious dimension of it is that such people do not really understand time and seasons.

The subject is quite important in determining success or failure. Most people do so much, breaking, pulling, shoving and striving to achieve various desires. Of course the possibility allows that anyone can achieve anything if they choose and work towards it. But when things are done out of their seasons progress may turn out to be only temporal.

It’s amazing how things change, in just a moment, with just one decision, at the pull of a switch. There is one switch everyone goes around with, at the pull of which you can dramatically transform situations and indeed your world. But how can you do that? And what sort of switch could that be? Conditions are controlled by seasons? When seasons change, other related or sub facilities follow suit. The good thing here is that you can change the seasons that determine your situations, as everyone can. This is one remarkable virtue possible to man. Decisions create seasons. Decision is that switch available to anyone to practically change situations. The disparity of opportunity that comes to people can be directly attributed to the difference in their decisions. Decisions create seasons. Control the seasons of your life by pulling the right switch.


  1. I agree. I find the effectiveness of our decisions is often in direct proportion to the time we spend on them. Quick decisions can miss possible dangers, slow decisions can cause us to miss opportunities. Good timing is paramount.

  2. Thanks Jason, I absolutely agree with your point on timing, our ability to make right and informed decisions in their timely manner goes a long way to cement the possibility of success.


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